Only one Battlefield 3 soldier allowed per player

According to recent insights, one's Battlefield 3 name will be paired with one's EA Origin profile, and players will be allowed only one soldier per account, unlike Bad Company 2.

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DB92448d ago

I don't understand why they had to remove a perfectly fine feature. It was available to create new soldiers in Bad Company 2, why not BF3?

Criminal2448d ago

It is odd. I hope they'll explain it.

Side note, I'm so psyched for Battlefield 3.

-Alpha2448d ago

I'm psyched but EA is really crapping all over the game

Poor DICE.

malol2448d ago

ahhhh freaking EA
the hell you ppl doing in there ?

EeJLP-2447d ago

There's no need for extra character slots anyway. Why would 1 person need multiple characters? That's what another PSN account (for example) would be for anyway.

Who cares if MAG did it.. the real question would be who would pay for an unnecessary extra slot and then complain about someone charging for it?

yog-sothot2448d ago

I guess they do that so they will be able to sell "additional soldier socket" for the very low price of $15 each (only 12.5 if you pay the monthly fee of the amazing EACorePass)


Tachyon_Nova2448d ago

Ever played MAG? They actually had the hide to sell extra character slots, Sony should hang their heads in shame over that.

Solid_Snake-2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

oh boo hoo. why would you want more than one player.

EDIT: once prestiged and i mean all badges all medals all weapons everything.....then i can understand but one character can play as all classes so this shouldnt be a problem.

Tr10wn2448d ago

This game started pretty good, cool trailers with awesome graphics, but then came the alpha and didn't have the graphics i was waiting but then it was an alpha so no big deal, and then came mandatory Origin with no optional Steam and then this, i can't play it on consoles because its 30fps capped and can't play it on PC because i refuse to use origin.

Trunkz Jr2448d ago

There's 1 slight advantage. You catch a hacker/glitcher, etc, he won't be coming back with a different account unless he buys a new game :)

DeadlyFire2447d ago

Looks just like STEAM if you ask me. Same lock in feature for its names. Still creating a profile I believe should be something simple, but its tied to Origin so tightly its likely it will only be changed through Origin Username.

darksied2447d ago

I don't see it as a terribly bad thing. It's not a GOOD thing, obviously, but I think it's meant more to punish cheaters and griefers. They can't hide behind more than 1 name, so they're easily caught and banned.

Besides, would you want to put in the months/years it would take to unlock/level up everything TWICE? That would be crazy.

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tomazi2448d ago

This is just how it was in the Alpha - someone came to the conclusion it will be so in the finished product... why is this news?

Motorola2448d ago

Because in BC2, this was not the case. I'm gonna miss this feature..

DtotheRoc2445d ago

bc2 was consolized garbage of battlefield so this is meaningless,granted the origin news is annoying but still whatever the product i'm certain will still be worth it even on a nvidia 8800 card still :) hey, if it can play crisis 1 on ultra high it sould be be able to handle anything this gen.

Ducky2448d ago

Battlelog indicated multiple profiles. (That, and there's a difference between the OriginID and Origin Persona similar to how SteamID is different from Steam UserName)

I sure hope they allow multiple soldiers. It allows for much more creativity with names, and replaying as a lvl 1 can be fun too.

peowpeow2448d ago

As someone mentioned above, they might even charge you. EA why all this?

admiralthrawn872448d ago

i thought gaming was suppose to become more open as the years went on. it seems like they're adding more and more restrictions to games these days. man i miss the old days of gaming

Simco8762448d ago

I heard that!

Sad when the almighty $ takes hold.

darksied2447d ago

Can't argue with that. That's why I've been going back to GoG many a time recently.

firemassacre2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )


i had

sniper with gol 12x scope c4

assault with aks7u red dot and stopping power

medic xm8 lmg stopping power red dot

Ducky2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

...What does that have to do with this article? O.o

They're talking about soldiers/profiles, not loadouts.

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