Google to Overtake Facebook? 'Certainly a Possibility,' says Analyst

Google+ Games, after months of rumors, finally was unveiled and a number of top social developers are already on board, including EA, Wooga and Zynga. While there have been other social networks to offer games, in reality Facebook has had a stranglehold on the social gaming space. That could all be changing - if anyone has the resources to seriously challenge or even dethrone Facebook, it's Google.

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donniebaseball2444d ago

I hope they do. I'm sick of Facebook.

fluffydelusions2444d ago

I deleted my facebook a while back. Google+ is pretty neat but I don't really use it.

jacksheen00002443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Yeah I hate Facebook..I hope Google takes over.

OH, and I did not like the fact that Face Book is using everyone photos to create a facial Biometric
profile of every picture ever uploaded on Facebook with out our consent.That means the Government is going to know your whereabouts where ever there is a camera/webcam present(24/7). That's some F up Sh*t if you ask me.

miyamoto2443d ago

I hope the PS Vita custom android OS runs on Ice Cream Sandwich when the PSV rolls out so we can all have the best Google Android experience and wont need a smart phone to replace our affordable feature phones.

jacksheen00002443d ago

According to this article Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5