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Three Reasons You Should Pass on Battlefield 3

PlanetXbox360: "This holiday season is jam packed with so many great games that there's no way gamers will get a chance to play everything. So we here at PlanetXbox360 want to help make your life easier by cutting out one title that you may think you need to play, but isn't really worth your time. DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 is getting a lot of hype and praise from the gaming community, but is it really worth your time?" (Battlefield 3, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Inside_out   1267d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(15)
tunaks1  +   1267d ago
1) You dont play games
2) You dont play games
3) You are poor.

Or you are a brogamer and worship CoD
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1267d ago
PlanetXbox360 have retarded Authors, confirmed.
Dramscus  +   1266d ago
I think this was possibly the worst article I've read all week. Holy crap.

Just an fps... with totally destructible environments.

It was designed first and foremost for the pc... soooo what? is that bad.

Modern Warfare 3... Looks just like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops and doesn't have environments that can be destroyed and plays on the a modified quake 3 engine from eleven years ago.

I don't even really like most shooters and I want to get battlefield 3.

For the record I haven't liked a shooter since MAG.
Heartnet  +   1266d ago
Hardly.. The reasons were Honest and True.. you may not want them to be but they are..

@Dramacus It is just an FPS.. Destructile environments were in the one before and have seen many apparences in games such as Red Faction etc...

If a game is made for the PC Many of there market has been cut out and console gaming is king as the market is ALOT bigger..

If a games not broke why fix it? why change the graphics when there already decent and fans seem to like it?

Your comment reaks of deniability and reason :) sorry :( Oh yeh and MAG RULES!
MaxXAttaxX  +   1266d ago
I like how they say "It's Just Another FPS"
- "the fact that it is still a first-person shooter, a genre that has overtaken the industry for years now. A genre that has been beaten to death and is starting to lose its creativity."

Really??? And this somehow doesn't apply to Modern Warfare 3?

planetXbox360.com have some of the worst fanboys. I just hope they got paid by Activision for this article. Because reason #3 cancels out reason #1. It's contradictory, stupid and desperate.
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Undeadwolfy  +   1266d ago
Its funny because reason #3 completely cancels out reason #1.
MasterBlaster  +   1266d ago

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking...
zeksta  +   1267d ago
1. You can't stand the fact that Battlefield is being "Held" as a direct competitor to Call of Duty.

2. CS: GO.

3. The annoying Pre-Order trend that EA's got goin' on :/

That's all I can think of, otherwise I'd buy the game frankly, I couldn't care less about the Pre-Order thing, nor Call of Duty as I'ma buy that probably, lmao.
SilentNegotiator  +   1266d ago
4. They're forcing you to download Origin just to PLAY the game (not just online) - playing it will make you a statistic of their X,XXX,XXX service that they will tout and market up at the next E3 (especially).

5. You're sick of shooters and know that "Modern Warfare Game X" will not 'save us' from generic modern warfare games.
Heartnet  +   1266d ago
tbh buy it on a console and then u dont have to download a service thatll take u what 5 mins to DL?
SilentNegotiator  +   1266d ago

It's more about the principle of them taking advantage of you to force their new download service.
LaurenKB123  +   1267d ago
I'll still get it
firemassacre  +   1267d ago
1. you hate shooters
2. you hate shooters
3. you hate shooters.
Heartnet  +   1266d ago
Or in the past 3 years uve bought around 20 of em and are now tired of the same game experience?
GunofthePatriots  +   1267d ago
1. You're a CoD nub
paintsville  +   1266d ago
1. If have a 360 (Where MW3 will definately be far better than the ps3 version)
2. If you prefer 60fps instead of 25-30 fps (additional tearing and dropped frames via the ps3 version)
3. If you like fast heartpounding action rather than the slow (perfectly suited for PS3) paced yawning action this series is known for.
4. Because Activision puts out the best cutting edge games on the market.
5. If you are an xbox live subscriber where you're sure to get the MW3 DLC first and your personal information is safe from hackers (hello PSN)
6. If you want to be part of the largest online community.
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CSiegersonRR  +   1266d ago
LOL if you had just added a little build up, that comment would have been the best joke ever! You're either trying to be ironic or a silly little fanboy. Either way, a winner is you!
"Because Activision puts out the best cutting edge games on the market." LOLOLOLOLOL
Yes! MW was pretty cutting edge about half a decade ago. You must have just tumbled out of your time machine.
Heartnet  +   1266d ago
Althought Ur blantantly trolling

Its all true :'(
dafada  +   1266d ago
dude i swear ....judging from all your comments you act like a ps3 raped your mom and your 360 donated you a kidney or sum shit.........wow relax yourself buddy its an article about BF3 why did it turn into shit talk about ps3.................someone can obviously only afford one console and is butthurt about it......if you want another 360 you can buy mine for 110 with 6 games because its been pretty much useless to me for the past year and a half and i can use the money to put towards MGSHD, WKC2, UC3, R3, BF3........
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Raven_Nomad  +   1267d ago
I wrote an article with 5 reasons, people flipped out. It's a definite skip for me, as mostly an Xbox 360 gamer and to not see any Xbox 360 footage or even hear about any, I'd be concerned.
HaloSpartan  +   1267d ago
You always complain about no footage. MW has no shown much either.And no i don't care about either game.
aviator189  +   1267d ago
I agree that DICE should start showing more console footage now as the launch date is very near. However, I wouldn't completely write the game off because of that.
damnyouretall  +   1266d ago
one month from now is the console beta. or are you talkin bout campaigne footage? i dont like to see alot of a game months before i but it. i pick my favorite developers and i stay loyal. you get let down sometimes but thats life. some games look cool as shit, then you buy em, then they suck. i wouldnt worry too much about early footage
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Ser  +   1267d ago
Even if DICE did show 360 footage, you'd probably still complain about the graphics / gameplay. You like CoD, not Battlefield, so why are you so concerned about the lack of 360 footage?
kingslayer1000  +   1266d ago
he's a 360 fanboy
wsoutlaw87  +   1267d ago
Why the need for footage, there's no way bf3 could look as bad as cod Bo did. Even if bf3 and mw3 looked the same bf3 would be a way better game.
skeletonss  +   1266d ago
can you say the same about skyrim? since they never showed any ps3 footage?
pinkyxyz  +   1267d ago
OR, you could just not buy modern warefare 3 instead.....
snowman2149  +   1267d ago
1.Online Pass
2. Origin bullshit
3. Physical warfare dlc and preorder bullshit

...But I'm still getting it, there's just something about it that feels somewhat fresh and unique.
BattleTorn  +   1267d ago
I'm still getting it too, of course.

Why do people hang onto these reasons with dear-life?

After all the years of letting Activison have their way with my wallet,

I'm glad to give EA a turn.
gamingdroid  +   1266d ago
***After all the years of letting Activison have their way with my wallet,***

EA ironically made Activision look like a saint!
gamingdroid  +   1266d ago
I completely agree, Online Pass, Origin BS, and having to support the most evil publisher I know of.

...But I will NOT be getting it. I will be rocking out with Gears 3 and maybe MW3 this holiday.
3GenGames  +   1267d ago
The Article Maker can't use vehicles and just thinks:

1. Tanks suck.

2. Planes are worse.

Because he can't use them. Teh Pwned Life joke. ;)
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cyguration  +   1267d ago
I know right? Total nub.

There's nothing in any new shooter coming out that Battlefield 3 just doesn't seem to do better.

By comparison, Rage looks like a less interesting version of Borderlands and Modern Warfare 3 is actually Modern Warfare 2 with new perks/killstreaks/rekins.

Let the drones, sheep, nubs and noobs have their games. I'm getting BF3 because it actually moves the industry forward and I'd rather be there than stuck back in 2007 with "shiny" Quake technology.
Ducky  +   1267d ago
... That list makes no sense whatsoever.

1. It's an FPS
- Alright, it's a generic military shooter.

2. It's made for PC
- Eh? PC version has its benefits, but how is that a reason to skip the game. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a supercomputer to run the game.

3. ModernWarfare3
- Doesn't this game suffer from being a generic military-shooter too? For that matter, BC2 runs and looks better than BlOps did on PC, so MW3 suffers from points 1 & 2.

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stu888  +   1267d ago
have the specs be announced then? can you tell me them? cheers
Ducky  +   1267d ago
Not that I'm aware of.

They said that if you can run BC2, then BF3 should run too.
The alpha was a bit unoptimized (had no real graphics settings), hopefully the beta and retail games are more optimized.

... the alpha still ran better than BlOps did on launch though. =/
ryhanon  +   1267d ago
If "It's just another FPS" is reason enough not to buy a game then I can't wait to see PlanetXBox360's top three reasons not to buy Halo 4.

Here, I'll even write the first reason for them:

It's Just Another FPS - Don't you want variety? Aren't you getting tired of staring down the sights of a rifle? With games like Batman: Arkham Planet and Elder Scrolls VI: Holy Crap More Dragons on the horizon, there's plenty of variety on the market. And while Halo 4 sports some pretty nifty graphics, that doesn't change the the fact that it is still a first-person shooter, a genre that has overtaken the industry for years now. A genre that has been beaten to death and is starting to lose its creativity.

In the end, Halo 4 is just another sci-fi shooter that will likely have big set piece moments coupled with a weak story and an overwhelming focus on multiplayer. If you want to experience all the best titles of 2012, you can't be bogged down with countless hours of repetitive multiplayer. You'll be missing out on blockbusters like Uncharted 4 and Doom 5.
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HenryFord  +   1267d ago
I laughed so hard about "Elder Scrolls VI: Holy Crap More Dragons", here - take a bubble ;)
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AJKanismajoris  +   1267d ago
Uncharted 3, SKYRIM, Metal Gear Solid Hd collection.....Battlefield won't even get a look from me...
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bloodybutcher  +   1267d ago
with me it's the opposite^^bf3 first because of mp, U3,along with Skyrim and Rage(and Batman AC etc.) are SP games therefore they can wait.for price drop^^
AJKanismajoris  +   1266d ago
fair does, and lol why am i getting so many disagrees...just because i don't like Battlefield??
BattleTorn  +   1267d ago

before reading this, my thoughts were "hmm, this should be good"

Reason #3. It's another miltary FPS
#1. MW3

???? k.
Tuxedoassassin  +   1267d ago
3: And? If the game is good, I don´t care what genre it is, hell, I´m not fan of strategy, but I´m playing still today Age Of Empires II, why? Because it´s great.
2. Hmm, did you played it on console? Probadly not, beta is coming soon, so we will see and play a lot of BF3 on consoles.
1. Not interested, Black Ops had lot of problems and I rebember when I got it, was laughing how the action was just bad. (Trucks explode with one bullet, no real physhics and all that)
And on PSN, the main of my friends play Battlefield and most of them are NOT interested in MW3.
Eromu  +   1267d ago
How long until we see the inevitable response article "Three Reasons You Should Buy Battlefield 3"
vglulz  +   1267d ago
StarWolf  +   1267d ago
how come no one gave a crap about this game when it was called Bad Company 2? But now that it has a marketing team, the brain washing is complete and its the next best FPS ? LOL, have fun kiddies. Generic military fps #66 reporting for duty.
limewax  +   1267d ago
Actually it has a lot to do with the fact that before the modern warfare days. BF was king over CoD anyway
Baka-akaB  +   1267d ago
how come ? Because BF was established before Bad company and got it's own set of fans waiting for that instead .
consolez_FTW  +   1267d ago
Yep! I think I'll ignore these reasons and stick with my preorder!
Though, I'll still play and experience MW3 @ a friends house.
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diehardgamer1000  +   1267d ago
Lol only goes to show M$ and Activision are so far up each other's arses SMMFH
andreasx  +   1267d ago
are you kidding??? this asshole was most likely spawn killed a lot in BFBC2!! missed out all the fun of it!
boricua82  +   1267d ago
Goddamn another one of these topics,man people love starting flame wars.
harrisonxxi  +   1267d ago
its not on steam...i only need one.
DanSolo  +   1267d ago
3 reasons why you should fuck off!
wenaldy  +   1267d ago
Dont tell me what should i supposed to do a**hole.. So called journalists can shove their MW3 to their a**..

Forget about duty, just straight to the battlefield..
CrimsonEngage  +   1267d ago
3 reasons to beat this guys ass
1. Ignorant
2. Biased
3. He play's Call of Duty.
jdktech2010  +   1267d ago
Wait....so it's another war shooter but Call of Duty is a reason to not get another war shooter which means by the transitive property that MW3 is not just another war shooter.

I mean I'm gonna buy COD and BF3 both and enjoy them but let's be honest....they're just more war shooters but they happen to be the best at what they do
RaptorGTA  +   1267d ago
This is a joke right? I mean yes there are a lot of great games coming out and that's a proper reason to question getting an fps. But really? Adding mw3? Rather putting the pic of mw3 logo he should have put a troll pic there.
Emperor_Cono  +   1267d ago
A poorly written article from a poor (Professional? Say what!?!) journalist and site, which states 3 terrible excuses to pass up Battlefield 3.... Pathetic.
emk2004  +   1267d ago
lol what a joke article, the 3rd reason and the first one completely conflict and make this stupid. Number 3 Its just another fps, number 1 COD MW3.

LOLOLOL fail article.
Archmagel  +   1267d ago
Wow. I must say that this is the worst article I have ever seen. I am not necessarily a BF fanboy, I have just enjoyed Battlefield MUCH more than any CoD. I loved MW1, but it was just downhill from there. I would like to also say...why not just get BF3 AND Skyrim to throw your social life into oblivion (excuse the pun)?
Sarobi  +   1267d ago
This article should be kept as a "What not to do" example to the new comers of journalism, that way we wont have contradicting idiots writing articles
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