Three Reasons You Should Pass on Battlefield 3

PlanetXbox360: "This holiday season is jam packed with so many great games that there's no way gamers will get a chance to play everything. So we here at PlanetXbox360 want to help make your life easier by cutting out one title that you may think you need to play, but isn't really worth your time. DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 is getting a lot of hype and praise from the gaming community, but is it really worth your time?"

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tunaks12414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

1) You dont play games
2) You dont play games
3) You are poor.

Or you are a brogamer and worship CoD


PlanetXbox360 have retarded Authors, confirmed.

Dramscus2413d ago

I think this was possibly the worst article I've read all week. Holy crap.

Just an fps... with totally destructible environments.

It was designed first and foremost for the pc... soooo what? is that bad.

Modern Warfare 3... Looks just like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops and doesn't have environments that can be destroyed and plays on the a modified quake 3 engine from eleven years ago.

I don't even really like most shooters and I want to get battlefield 3.

For the record I haven't liked a shooter since MAG.

Heartnet2413d ago

Hardly.. The reasons were Honest and True.. you may not want them to be but they are..

@Dramacus It is just an FPS.. Destructile environments were in the one before and have seen many apparences in games such as Red Faction etc...

If a game is made for the PC Many of there market has been cut out and console gaming is king as the market is ALOT bigger..

If a games not broke why fix it? why change the graphics when there already decent and fans seem to like it?

Your comment reaks of deniability and reason :) sorry :( Oh yeh and MAG RULES!

MaxXAttaxX2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

- "the fact that it is still a first-person shooter, a genre that has overtaken the industry for years now. A genre that has been beaten to death and is starting to lose its creativity."

Really??? And this somehow doesn't apply to Modern Warfare 3? have some of the worst fanboys. I just hope they got paid by Activision for this article. Because reason #3 cancels out reason #1. It's contradictory, stupid and desperate.

Undeadwolfy2413d ago

Its funny because reason #3 completely cancels out reason #1.

MasterBlaster2413d ago


That's EXACTLY what I was thinking...

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zeksta2414d ago

1. You can't stand the fact that Battlefield is being "Held" as a direct competitor to Call of Duty.

2. CS: GO.

3. The annoying Pre-Order trend that EA's got goin' on :/

That's all I can think of, otherwise I'd buy the game frankly, I couldn't care less about the Pre-Order thing, nor Call of Duty as I'ma buy that probably, lmao.

SilentNegotiator2414d ago

4. They're forcing you to download Origin just to PLAY the game (not just online) - playing it will make you a statistic of their X,XXX,XXX service that they will tout and market up at the next E3 (especially).

5. You're sick of shooters and know that "Modern Warfare Game X" will not 'save us' from generic modern warfare games.

Heartnet2413d ago

tbh buy it on a console and then u dont have to download a service thatll take u what 5 mins to DL?

SilentNegotiator2413d ago


It's more about the principle of them taking advantage of you to force their new download service.

firemassacre2414d ago

1. you hate shooters
2. you hate shooters
3. you hate shooters.

Heartnet2413d ago

Or in the past 3 years uve bought around 20 of em and are now tired of the same game experience?