President Bush Games with Wounded Troops; Bloggers Take Offense

President Bush's recent gaming session with wounded Iraq war veterans in a Texas rehab hospital is not sitting well with some liberal bloggers.

At this point, it's not known exactly which game Bush played. As reported by AFP:

"President George W. Bush had a shoot-out with the "bad guys" in Iraq on Thursday, playing a computer game with war veterans that simulates a firefight in Baghdad… Bush tried his hand at the game with two soldiers during a visit to a rehabilitation center in Texas that treats veterans wounded in Iraq.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush helped "shoot the bad guys" in a Baghdad neighborhood, albeit virtually… the president saw several "cutting edge virtual reality games" that allow recovering soldiers at the center in San Antonio to simulate riding in a car or boat."

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Bonsai12144049d ago

honestly, i don't care what the liberals think. its great that he's spending time with wounded veterans. While they should have thought about the game, Bush is probably trying to send a signal that he's backing the war and even though he fought virtually, he's still fighting.

whether you agree or disagree with what he's done, you have to admit that he has shown pure dedication to what he has decided to do.

snoop_dizzle4049d ago

i have to agree, while i don't really totally agree with his political stance, i do think that he is showing that he does care.

GIJeff4049d ago

The liberal morons will spin anything positive into a negative at this point. It's why they have such a low approval rating. all they do is pick fights and create stuipid misleading arguements....theyre kinda like bush hating MS fanboys..wierd.

clownfacemcgee4049d ago

I think I've noticed a very conservative political presence amongst most gamers. I think it has something to do with liberals being reluctant to embrace violent games, whereas conservatives are ready to shoot the crap out of stuff.

It seems impossible to separate politics from games. For example, where will a game like Call of Duty be set? Certain games might have more or less of a political meaning, like Haze. It just kind of gets to me that gamers are seem so conservative in their ideology.

I'm a liberal and proud of it, so that said, I don't really see how a few retarded bloggers make this "liberals jumping all over him." Conservatives have their crazies too. Remember when Faux News had Jack Thompson on to talk about how "the Virginia Tech shootings were caused by Counterstrike"?

JsonHenry4049d ago

So what else is new? They want to tax everything we own, everything we make, and give it away to people who don't earn there own keep. They want (Hillary Clinton just to name a name) to BAN violent video games in America from being sold to anyone, not just minors. Does this surprise ANYONE that liberals are not in touch with the average American?

Not me. Whatever happened to the Democratic Party from the WWII days? They have been replaced by anti-freedom socialist morons. Hell, there is no conservative party anymore either. Republicans today are like democrats from the days of the New Deal. Okay, but still not worth voting for.


clownfacemcgee4049d ago

I sure as hell don't want Hillary Clinton to ban any games. I think anyone who's for freedom of speech would be against banning any form of media, no matter how much you disagree with that form of media.

But that freedom to purchase those games without parental consent doesn't apply to minors. So it's fair for her to say that she doesn't want people under 17 to be able to buy games that aren't supposed to be bought by people under 17. Hell, I'm fairly certain any candidate for president would support the ESRB's recommendation for purchasing age without parental permission.

Bonsai12144049d ago

i consider myself a moderate leaning liberal. because the way democrats are doing things these days, i won't be surprised if they lose the house and senate next year. they were voted in to change things, and they haven't done jack.

btw, i'm a fiscal conservative though :-p

godofthunder104049d ago

f**k bush the world would be better off if the motherf**ker was dead.i'm tired of hearing all the rep make excuses up,when something goes bad they blame cliton and never bush because the rep think that everything they do is right and the dem are wrong all the time.
thewy blame cliton for not attacking after they bomed the cole when the truth is that cliton was in is last month of office.the dem also blame cliton for 911 even when cliton game bush a memo saying that binladen was plainning on hijacking planes and crashing them in the U.S,but when bush was asked question about 911 wich he refused not to testify under oath about it he said it wasn't true but when rice testify under oath she said it was true.but bush wasn't worried about binladen so he didn't pay any attention to it he was worried about iraq.
right after bush stole the 2000 ellection,even before he was sworn in,him and chenny wanted all the information that they had on iraq and this was proven to be true.
some one to tell bush that it really wasn't god that told him to bomb ariq and make the world a peaceful and christian world like he claimed,it was the cokecain he snorted the night before.
bush said that he will be considerd one of the best president in history even when historian said that he will be rememberd as the worst in history.
bush is just like hitler in many ways,
1-hitler wanted the world to live like he wanted them to and bush is doing the same thing
2-hitler attacked countries for no reason and bush did to
3-hitler want the world to live by his religion and bush di to
4-hitler did wiretapping and bush is doing illigal wiretapping.
5-hitler made the law to benifit him and bush is changing or trying to change the law to help him.
6-hitler made millions off of stealing from people and bush is making millions off of the blood of our brave soilders and out taxes.
7-hitler tourture people and bush do to even when it's against the law.

i could name a lot more that they have in common but i don't have the time.just because he's the president of the U.S doesn't mean that he's better then some of the evil people in history.
every since bush stole the office of the president of the U.S all of the oil companies(they are bushs' friends)had record breaking profits every year.he said that the economy is it great shape,it is if you are rich but if you are middle class or poore it's not good,hell bankrupcy is the highest it ever been in history.
one of bush friend own a company and bush own a big percetage in it has a contract with the president of iraq that only benifit his people and as long as contacts are signed like that then they will never stop fighting but in public bush act like he want the war to stop but it's just one of his lies.
1-bush said that iraq will pay for the war but he lied about that and we are
2-bush lied about he's illigal wiretapping
3-bush lied and said that cliton didn't give him a memo about binladen will hijack planes and crash then in the U.S but it was proven to be true.
4-bush lied about going to the hosipital and trying to force the A.G to sign ailligal wiretapping pollice wich he refused to do before he was sedated.
5-bush lied,mislead and held back information to go to war with iraq.

but this is all cliton fault if you listen to the rep but that's all they are good at is blaming the dem foe every thing that goes on.
i'm tired of hearing about rep saying that dem wanting to stop people from owning guns but the truth is that they are against people having machin guns and other guns like that not rifles,shot guns and pistols.the reason that they want to stop people from owning machine guns and guns like it is ti protect us and cops because cops are killed by guns like this every day because cops are not suppose to use them but rep want to give the crimanals the right to use them to kill cops and other innocent people.if people could give me one good reason machune guns are good for beside killing people then i will change my mind but as of now no one shoul have them.
people need to remind the motherf**ker that he stole the president of the U.S not the world.when the democrats wanted to give health care to 1000s of kids bush said that we can't afford it and vetoed it saing he did it for the kids(boy what a dum ass)but then he turned around and wanted billions more for the war in ariq wich he said they were going to pay far.
the whole world is starting to stand up and talk about america and how buch will not bully them and i'm not just talking iran i'm talking about all the countries that's around their and if a ww breaks out then the majority of the countries will be against us because the whole world hates us now because of this brain dead money hungry bast*rd,but i guess that's cliton fault to..

Mycococo4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

if ya know what i mean. why wast time posting that in here. this isnt a highschool writing class.


i want to see how he played. he probably pwned and pissed the soldiers off. lol

tplarkin74049d ago

It's just a video game. It's exactly the same as playing chess.

snoop_dizzle4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

becasue of all these issue i am basically moderate. Both sides really can get to me sometimes. I don't hate bush, and i don't want to wish any harm on him, however i do disagree with some things.
He really doesn't annoy me, rumsfeld did that to me more.

And the government as well. I.E. pulling out of iraq, it should be done, but we can't just pull out like many say, or else we will witness some pretty nasty violence once we leave. Insurgents taking over iraq Iran building nukes( i don't think we should've gone into iraq, but i ran instead.) One thing you don't want in such an unstable area is nuclear weapons. India vs pakistan, israel vs basically every country in that region, sunnis vs shiites everything. Especially since everyone is basically on the edge over there. The repercussions there would be scary. And to a certain extent no matter what there is going to be bloodshed over there. Historically the middle east isn't known as a peaceful place, though the ottoman empire did have some benefits.

IntelligentAj4048d ago

You say Liberals are out of touch with the average American?I'll be the first to admit that the radical sides of both parties are wrong but don't target democrats and make Republicans out to be saints. For all the crying about regulation, deregulation seems to do far worse than regulation. How can you let an industry regulate itself and honestly expect a positive result(shareholders and executives always make out sweet). There's a major conflict of interest there. Also you talk about taxing everything we make, the government needs money to come from somewhere. If you keep cutting taxes you're reducing that cash flow. These are just the 2 examples I feel make Right-Wing Republicans(not all of them because the moderates actually make sense half the time) just as bad as left-wing Democrats so stop with the ignorance.

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snoop_dizzle4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

IGNFTW, posted in the wrong story perhaps?

the reason i ay that is becasue you are mentioning gamespot, when gamespot has nothing to do with this.

green_ghost54049d ago

I hate f*** liberals, they complain about everything, they want to take everything away. Damn the man just sat for a few minutes and Played some COD4. I'm pretty sure that was it. And now The Liberals are going to b****, big surprise.

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