Review: Bleach: Soul Ressurección (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes: "Bleach: Soul Resurrección is an oddly named action game adapted from the insanely popular Bleach anime series. It is the first ever Bleach game to be released on an HD console. So is does the title suffer the same fate as so many anime based games and appeal only to diehard fans? Or does it perhaps offer something that gamers altogether unfamiliar with Bleach could enjoy?"

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phoenixdown2559d ago

it's a niche japanese hack and slash game from an anime. i think a 7 is a fair number.

Neko_Mega2559d ago

Its alittle more then just a hack and slash, this game has more speed then games like DW.

But yeah it is pretty much like one, just on drugs.