UGO: BlackSite: Area 51 review

In BlackSite: Area 51, you frequently encounter load screens displaying "Combat Tactics" game tips. Never has an oxymoron been so apt; "combat" and "tactics" could not be more separate than they are in Midway's new alien-killing, conspiracy-revealing first-person shooter. This sort of dichotomy permeates the entire experience; BlackSite is rife with solid ideas which sputter and fail in practice. This is partially due to the buggy gameplay and partially due to some poorly realized game mechanics, but the game generally falls just a bit too much on the mediocre side of derivative to deliver a truly entertaining experience.

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jackdoe4056d ago

Ugh. Not looking too good for Blacksite. Bugs up the wazoo and a horrible framerate.

Ri0tSquad4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Gameplay: C-
Presentation: C
Fun Factor: C-
Value: D
Overall: C-

"We're not even getting into the shockingly resilient enemies (save for their heads), the bugs which froze our character in place until he crouched, lighting effects which make all humans in the game look unnaturally shiny and the static, situation-specific expressions on every character's face. It's just not worth it. At a budget price, BlackSite: Area 51 would be tough to recommend even with its vaguely entertaining on-rails shooting sequences and wanton destruction. But this thing is being sold as a full price release and that's just wrong. Midway needs to patch this thing up very quickly or there are going to be a lot of disappointed xenocidal gamers out there this holiday season."

Well that just about sums it up! This game is crap.
I hope they do get the next gen MK game right. Last MK games were pretty bad, Armageddon on the Wii did terrible and the xbox1 version had better graphics.

wil4hire4056d ago

Freezing & chunky animations... Bugs and glitches...

If they cant even get it right on the 360.. Im staying clear of the ps3 version... even as a rental.

MK_Red4056d ago

Sad... I was kind looking forward to this. Midway really needs a strong franchise and neither this or Stranglehold look to be it so I believe Midways should focus all it's money, time and effort on the next-gen Mortal Kombat to make it a true high quality title.

jackdoe4056d ago

I agree. Sad thing is that they were pushing for Stranglehold as a AAA monster title and look how that turned out.

Charlie26884056d ago

Well I might give the PC version a try since I really liked the previous Area 51...probably more for the story and the unlockables than anything else...but what the hell XD

by the way I am picking this up for no more than 20-30 bucks >.>

what I find truly depressing is that the devs of this games were touting that this was THE "definite" FPS to pick up this holiday (as seen in the comments made in the Live Demo preview on GameSpot were I got an emblem :D) and with the problems the game seen to have they didn't shoot themselves in the was a shotgun to the face

and like the review said they better release a patch soon if they want to see my 30 bucks >.>

MK_Red4056d ago

True, sad about Stranglehold.

Agree on previous Area 51. I liked it too. But they have almost changed everything. Plus, the new game is now T rated...

ShiftyLookingCow4056d ago

wow, another AAA quality title from Midway for the 360!

RadientFlux4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

don't worry Midway is going to pass on the joy to PS3 owners as well

EDIT: A little late for Halloween... but I don't want to be Jimmy's parents when they buy little Jimmy "Blacksite" for xmas.

jackdoe4056d ago

Lol. An even greater joy with a gimped multiplayer.

ShiftyLookingCow4056d ago

Happy Halloween! Experience the pure horror of losing 60 dollars!

OmegaKulu4056d ago

really tho... with all the huge titles coming out for each console this month, Black site won't go anywhere anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.