Feature: What Nintendo Made Before Video Games

Nintendo isn't exactly synonymous with playing cards or the "Light Telephone", but that's only a sampling of what the company dabbled in before video games (1889-1975). Other ventures included: a taxi company, instant rice, love hotels, miscellaneous electronics, and even a TV network.

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Dmack794052d ago

I remember reading about what Nintendo did before video games on Wikipedia. And I also looked up the history of Sony too.

snoop_dizzle4052d ago

i knew they did most of that stuff. But i didn't know they did love hotels. interesting.

Basch4052d ago

Never before have I heard the terms "instant rice" and "playing cards" used to describe the legacy of a single company. Not that this was news to me (well, I didn't know about the rice)....

Megaton4052d ago

I remember hearing about the love hotels on G4TV's "Icons" episode about Nintendo.

Itachi4052d ago

Nintendo has a lot of love

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