The most beautiful game ever: GTA IV's iCEnchancer 1.3 has realistic clouds, better trees, + more

SystemLink: "It's getting silly now; there's no way GTA IV could get any more beautiful. After Ice La Glace released the stunning iCEnhancer 1.2.5 which set the internet ablaze, what more could be done? Maybe touching up framerates, improving performance here and there - but surely he couldn't make Liberty City even more stunning?"

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Ezio20482480d ago

you know few days back i felt somewhere that i may get a heart attack if GTA 4 goes photo realistic....
today my friends kept asking me what took you so long to come to office and i said "guess what i FINALLY got a heart attack today"!!!!
somehow i survived the attack because i want to see GTA 5 with such graphics....:-)

kaveti66162480d ago

why did you go through all that trouble to write a bad joke/boring story?

gravemaker2480d ago

gonna wait till 17 aug and dl 1.3

kidnplay2480d ago

The way these graphics keep being improved further and further is just incredible; it's getting to the point where I can't tell some iCEnhancer-enhanced (pardon the pum) screens from real-life photographs.

The power and tech needed to run it must be terrific, though.

Ducky2480d ago

I'd still rather take the higher frame-rate and resolution over trying to get this monster to run.

... but I do envy the people that have the rig to run this. =/

PhilipLarkin2480d ago

I think we all envy NASA...

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