Is VG Chartz Data Inaccurate and Worthless?

VG Chartz gets no data from retailers. Wrong. How does anybody think they would ever be approaching the level of accuracy and putting out the quantity of data they do each week if they didn't get data from retailers. The "leap of faith" many struggle with is why would retailers provide them with data? Which retailers? How much data? Why can't they say? What are they hiding?

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Husso4056d ago

LOL still no proof of anything other then its a guess.

Once ndp or famitsu is out they change their numbers.

KnowitAll4056d ago

They put thier numbers, but once npd numbers are realeased they change them.

Thats why sometimes you would see a console almost stayin the same since they usually over add numbers to that console.(but change it once they get the real numbers)
Like when the ps3 in july they thought would sell so well but npd numbers showed that it didn't. So it seem like if they kept the ps3 numbers the same for 2 weeks

barom4056d ago

I can understand if the retailers give them info and they get a number that is less than the actual number. Since u know u get info 7-9 out of 10 retailers the numbers gonna be smaller.

I however can't see how they can get a number larger than the actual number. Do the "retailers" lie to them or something?

jackdoe4056d ago

They are still guessing so while they are inaccurate at times, sometimes they hit the ballpark.

Danja4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

OHH it's defintetly inaccuarate alright but I wouldn't say it's worthless it gives us an idea of how well or bad the hardware/software is selling....

Vojkan4056d ago

Yup, i agree. They always change numbers once NPD and famitsu are out, so usually first numbers they put are not 100%. But still i like to visit that site.

jackdoe4056d ago

That's it. You just have to take it with a grain of salt.

TheXgamerLive4056d ago

Let me interview myself on my "have I ever cheated on a test". No, no I haven't:)

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The story is too old to be commented.