PlayStation 3D Display Now Comes with 2 Games - Will You Pre-Order Now?

For those who have been thinking of pre-ordering the PlayStation branded 3D Display or have already placed an order, look out for an additional bonus to the bundle. Not only will you get Motorstorm: Apocalypse, but Resistance 3 makes it back on the bundle without a change to the price. Does this addition change your mind?

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thebudgetgamer2595d ago

i would love to have a 3d monitor, but it's a little on the small side.

lelo2play2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

If it was to be released now in Europe, then it would be a good price for 499€...

... but since it will probably be released in Europe next year, 499€ will be very expensive for a 24" 3D TV. At this moment we can find a 32" 3D TV at 650-700€, next year we can probably get a 32" 3D TV for 499€.

YoungMoney2595d ago

For what it is, the price is fair. The display is a beast. the specs are incredible. But again, it's only 24"

JsonHenry2595d ago

Same here. If I was interested in same room multiplayer on one TV I might think about it. But as far as the rest of it goes and the reviews it has been getting from Tech sites I just couldn't justify buying this over another superior 3D monitor in the same price range.

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The story is too old to be commented.