Galactic Assault: CVG Review

Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power is a slick hex wargame that wears its theme like a chimpanzee wears a trilby (reluctantly and unconvincingly). In many ways GA is just a friendly WWII wargame in fetching fancy-dress. Whether you're fighting your way through the tough, carefully crafted campaign (there are single scenarios and skirmishes too), battling on forest, steppe or magma wasteland, tactics tend to revolve around familiar '40s factors like LOS, cover and morale.

Why did the devs bother with a futuristic setting if they weren't going to give us Death Orbs, Robo-locusts and Agro Gas? A dash of the outlandish would certainly have made it easier to overlook the few, probably patchable, shortcomings.

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