ShackCast17: Bungie, Xbox 360 Outselling PS3 In Japan, And More

Shacknews discusses Bungie and it's purported original game in development, the Xbox 360's victory over PS3 for one week in Japan, Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka work on a new game, the crappiness of collectors' editions, Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne, amazing Rock Band DLC, and controversies involving Take-Two Interactive and Hellgate: London.

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socomnick4054d ago

So I guess the reason the Xbox 360 was not selling was because of lack of software that Japanese's like.

Ps3Fanboy7774053d ago

Meanwhile 360 outsells Ps3 for ONE WEEK and it was 200 units... Sorry but hardly worth mentioning.

Why dont we pull the total units sold... Yea so just shut up 360 users. Frankly no one cares.

We get Drakes, Unreal, MGS4, FF, Killzone, and a bunch of others... What the fk do you guys actually have? Mass Effect? Wow looks horrible with their power menu pop up weapon chooser... Alan Wake?

Seriously 360 should face reality it has no games coming. Except for NG2... Something tells me that aint staying exclusive.

And frankly who cares about sales at this point. I care about what games are coming and franky the Ps3 now has the better line up..

bababrooks4053d ago

fanboy, you are one funny guy, i like it when people repeat old jokes.each to there own i suppose, shame we will never meet online.

BIoodmask4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Every thread I see you in you post something that makes me laugh. + Bubble for you.

And yes Microsoft is doing better in Japan. They will never be as big as Sony or Nintendo there. But they have done a good job in securing exclusive games that have Eastern type themes.

This podcast also contains a lot more subject matter than 360 sales in Japan but I am sure it will be overlooked.

MADGameR4053d ago

They are doing good but they still did'nt exceed my expectations. They did'nt make it to 15M yet. In the end SONY will win the war even though they will lose lots of money.

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wil4hire4053d ago

In the week ending November 4th, Xbox 360 consoles saw a 475% week over week increase, and beat Sony's PS3 sales - by a narrow margin.

Sony's hardware sales figures came in at 17,434 units while the Xbox 360 just edged it with 17,637 units sold.


Huge Victory.... Esp considering the biggest game release in history halo3.

socomnick4053d ago

Halos not big in japan so it is a little victory. Halos huge everywhere else though.

Danja4053d ago

YUP Halo 3 was huge everywhere for 2 weeks then quickly fell down the ways...look at the HHUUUGGGEE margin the 360 outsold the PS3...a measly 200 hundred consoles...what a victory..!!

uxo224053d ago

I guess it's just a matter of perspective. Because I didn't see it a negative news for the PS3. I say it as positive news for the 360. The sooner you people realize that there is room in the gaming market for all three consoles, and stop hating. The better things will be fore all.

Quickstrike4053d ago

this is hardly worth menchining and its been reported already. Its old news that the 360 sold more then the PS3 for ONE F***ING WEEK. 360 outsells the PS3 for ONE F***ING WEEK and you xbots claim victory for one week's worth of sells. All of you xbots think that if the 360 is out selling the PS3 for only a week then 360 has won but in reality PS3 has sold millions of units in Japan and the 360 hasent even reached 1/2 a million if im correct. Now please stop claiming victory in an area that hates you.

The Chief of Mjolnir4053d ago

And then again I see tons of the same type of news for the PS3 all over this site sometimes.

"It sold some more then the 360. It was just for one week."

I see ALOT of that here. So just shut up.

IGNFTW4053d ago


Jamaicangmr4053d ago

My thoughts exactly... This stinks of desparation. 200 units more in 1 week. Yeah Bloodmask bring out the expensive china and expensive wine. So is every article that mentions this concidered seperate news from the on posted before?

As IGNFTW said this just seems like serious desparation. lol!

7ero H3LL4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

especially hear in the US, 360 a little over 12, million units, PS3 almost 6 million units.

Marceles4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

It might need a little catching up only in the US, but it's selling great everywhere else. Alot of people who aren't so hard on Sony wouldn't even say they need to catch up in the US since the sales aren't doing any worse than how the 360 did in its first year. And with your numbers, "360 a little over 12, million units, PS3 almost 6 million units"....the 360 has 2 years, the PS3 now has 1 year and everyone is already starting to see the PS3's potential, imagine the PS3's numbers at this time in 2008.

uxo224053d ago

I really hate to hear the lame excuse that the PS3 has only been out for 1 year and the 360 has been out for 2.

You don't hear nintendo fans using that excuse, oh I know why because they are kicking everyone in the butt.

But still, if the wii could catch the 360 in 1 year, then the same opportunity was available to the PS3. Let's stop making excuses and accept it for what it is. And it is, what it is; currently the 360 overall is outselling the PS3. Why do you guys care so much as long as you are enjoying your choice of purchase.

Danja4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Lets see now the Wii is cheaper..?? so of course it's probably gonna sell more...the PS3 price is the major factor that was hindering sales.if it launched at the same price as the 360 don't you think the install base would have beeen higher by now..??

..and you know that so quit the BS comments...if the 360 came out and it had a $600 price tag do you think it would have done as well as the PS3..?? now that the PS3 price has gone down we'll see how things go from here...

and considering that the 360 has been out for 2 years and it hasn't even managed to convert atleast half of the original Xbox owners in it's strongest market NA...says alot

Marceles4053d ago

This is good news for the 360. 360 is overall selling better than the PS3, but you can't help but put the head start in perspective. To just ignore it would be stupid, and the PS3 having soooooo much catching up to do is such an overexaggeration.

@ Uxo, the reason why people care is because the amount of PS3s sold in its first year (with good competition) aren't any different than the console its competing with in the podcast, but people blow it out of proportion how absolutely HORRIBLE it's selling in its first year. I'm all in being fair just like you...everyone just enjoy their choice of purchase, but when you have purchased all consoles and someone brings up stuff like this it's just annoying. All consoles are selling well to me...The Xbox probably has the most consoles sold still, maybe the Wii took the lead in that, and the PS3 is selling well in its first year despite the media beating it took this year.

GIJeff4053d ago

The ps3 costs twice as much as the Wii, its arguable that the Wii isnt even in the same market. Its a cheap toy that anyone can get for a quick thrill. The 100+ million people are waiting for the ps3's price to come down(because they know its comming), and waiting for the games they want:GT5, Ratchet, Killzone2, God of War 3, Uncharted, Unreal Tournament 3, Final Fantasy, etc. As soon as some of those great titles become known, (and by that time the PS3 will be even cheaper) expect all of the 100 million fans to get an upgrade. The ps2 didnt have an instant install base, either did the PS1, why does the ps3 have to? Crack Heads....I swear.

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