GameTrailers previews Beowulf

Sea serpents, giant crabs and carnal rage. Beowulf is on his way.

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jackfatal4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

because he is acting too tough!! its like trying to copy kratos or dante, someone like that!! and he shouts too much and acting like Hercules!
and the worst part is when he says "i'am Beowulf" i dont know but he is like showing off!! and dont like his character!
this is not a new IP its god of war games with some changes!!
loosers!! cant they make something new??

RadientFlux4052d ago

You do know that the story/poem of Beowulf is one the oldest pieces of literature in the english language.

Sure the game might have borrowed elements from "God of War" but then again most developers borrow ideas from each other.

Ahhhh4052d ago

well you sound stupid.. It looks good. Graphics look good. And, God Of War was an amazing game, and this looks to be like it, in some ways.

jackfatal4052d ago

and yeah i forgot he is similar to conan also!! so man everything about this game is copying from other games!
well its does look good but nothing new!!