Final Fantasy XIII-2: Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to offer "the same graphic performance"

Videogameszone talked to Game Director Motomu Toriyama about Final Fantasy XIII-2. There will be more characters from Final Fantasy XIII that will have special appearances in the new game. VGZ also shows some new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2

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fluffydelusions2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I played both the 360 and PS3 versions of XIII and the PS3 version was by far the superior version. So I wonder if the 360 version will be improved or the PS3 version will be downgraded. Or option c, Square is just talking out their arse again lol.

qwertyz2508d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

if you look at crysis 2, skyrim, forza 4, bioshock infinite, gears 3 and especially RAGE you'll realize that the 360 can actually do better than ffxiii so its possible the 360 version is improved.

remember that ffxiii 360 version was a last minute port. if it came out on pc it would destroy the console version lol I don't know why square enix doesn't give pc any love. they are consolites lol to hell with them.

what are you talking about ? ALL games are made FIRST on pc then COMPILED for consoles using dev kits. pc engine wont work on 360 because 360 is not a pc, pc games are written in x86 and directx 360 uses a POWERPC cpu and an advanced form of directx 9(according to AMD)

Multiplatform engines are platform SPECIFIC. The code is written differently for each platform because they all use different ISAs and APIs aside from this all platforms are unique and sometimes do things in different ways.

a 2006 high end pc is more powerful than ps3 AND 360 put together do you know that ? crysis 1 from 2007 running MEDIUM settings(not even high, highest/w mods) with 8xAA,16xAF @1080p on pc looks better than anything on consoles and it can at those settings on my old high end pc thats based on 2006 hardware.if you think ps3 can match pc if it gets special attention, you're DEAD wrong

Both ps3 and 360 can do better than their respective versions of FF13 and games like RAGE are proof of this. That was the point I was trying to make.

the reasons ps3 is difficult to develop for are listed below

1)weak branch prediction(spus only use static branch prediction which is the most simplistic and crappy form the ppe has a 3 way branch unit but its not enough to keep up with all the spus)

2)weak ppe( instruction decode rate can bottleneck the spes)

3) spus not being able to access RAM directly

4) ram is split into 2 different pools, makes it harder to leverage memory resources when graphics work is being done on both cell and rsx

5)each spe has to be coded for INDIVIDUALLY(on 360 and pc all you need to is code for 1 core and scale the work across the others)

6)the spes and ppe have different ISAs

7)the spes are not part of the gpu; this is a limitation because if graphics are rendered using spes it would have to send work over to the rsx for texturing and rasterization the problem is transferring work to and from the cell to rsx takes PROCESSING TIME and causes latency.

That's the reason naughty dog,guerrilla games and santa monica studios use spus for graphics operations that are not tied to the rasterizer such as lighting and post processing effects so the rsx to handle core rendering(geometry,texturing etc)

the ps3 IS difficult to code for, its not about devs not wanting a challenge its the FACT. but how would you know ? have you ever written a program in your life ? probably not if you have you won't sound so ignorant. a 2006 core 2 duo is even more powerful than the cell if you read up on cpu architectures maybe one day you'll be intelligent enough to realize that the cell fails.

IBM said the cell would beat intel and AMD out of the desktop market did it happen ? NO. if the cell was the future we'll be having cell like cpus in our pcs today. AMD & intel aren't stupid neither is IBM, they ditched the roadrunner cell(which by the way destroys the ps3 version) to develop power6 in 2007 & power7 in 2010. if ibm believed the cell was the future don't you think their power7 flagship would have been based it ? EXACTLY

sometimes I wonder if you console fanboys have any brain cells

tarbis2508d ago

Well, for starters, those games that you mentioned uses PC engines, and 360 uses PC engines. Unlike PS3, most exclusive games from the PS3 uses custom engines tailored only for the PS3.
The reason why the PS3 is a programming hell for western developers is bec. it's not PC engine friendly. They don't like to be challenge that's why they are quick to dismiss the PS3.

paintsville2507d ago

The 360 will rise to the occassion. The last game was a rushed last minute port due a deal with Microsoft very close to release time. That's no the case here. 360 will get the full development time and I have NO doubt that the 360 version will be the one to get. The ONLY advantage that the ps3 will have is a single disc. I'll just install the game to hdd and nulify that.
I can't wait for this one to release and read about it on Lens of Truth. Hey I've noticed that there's like zero articles that get approved anymore from Lens of Truth? I wonder why? LOL

sikbeta2508d ago

Lets see if they can deliver this time...

TXIDarkAvenger2507d ago

I swear they said the samething about the 360 and PS3 versions of XIII.....Yup for sure option C.

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Godmars2902508d ago

The question is will FFXIII-2 graphical quality be on par to FFXIII. If its only as good or better than the 360 version of the game then square has nothing to be all that proud of or boast about.

hintonmj2508d ago

I'm concerned about this too. Many pictures I've seen appear to be less polished than the original game on PS3.

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