Game makers, game players are angry at GameStop

The Dallas Morning News' Victor Godinez writes that gamers and game makers are angry at GameStop. The first group is angry at GameStop for offering just $2 or $3 to repurchase games that originally sold for $50 or $60. The second group is angry because they don't get any revenue when used-game dealers resell a used game rather than a new one.

Godinez uses a blog of an anonymous GameStop store employee as a defense on GameStop's behalf against the first group. He then writes that the second group needs to stop being such a greedy bunch of idiots, and he explains why game makers like Steve Ellis of Freed Radical Design have much less justification to be angry.

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The_Engineer4055d ago

gamestop with a huge middle finger, fanboys have no business running gamestores.

BloodySinner4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Technically, yes... It's GameStop's way of doing business and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Personally, I don't care. I don't shop there for my video game purchases.

Unless everyone on Earth would agree on boycotting the store or something, then GameStop might change their way of doing business. So for now, there is nothing anyone can about it and GameStop will continue making profit.

Also, people should just stop acting as if GameStop is the only place on this planet to buy video games. There are way better places to visit and usually their offerings have better prices or deals.


JsonHenry4055d ago

Well, in a free market (which is what they operate under here in America) they can charge, sell, and resell whatever they want legally.

The good thing about a free market? You DON'T have to deal with them. Most towns have at least one small hobby shop that sells and buys used games. They tend to offer a better price and service since they have to compete with the big boys.

CyberSentinel4054d ago

One solution is to do like the MMO market does, encode every "game" with a "key" and lock it to a single user and/or account BEFORE it will be activated. In order to play said game you would HAVE to agree with the EULA.

This will eliminate resellers, and rental retailers.

Also, distributers can also decide to NOT sell games to retailers that practice "pre-owned sales". (Gamestop)

If Something is NOT done soon, They WILL raise game prices.

socomnick4054d ago

Cyber Sentinel I hope what you stated never happens. That would mean I cant let a friend borrow a game. Or rent games or sell them to someone if I wanted too. We bought the game let us do what ever we want with it.

MADGameR4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Nothing but X Box fanboys there....I've said it before... I'll say it again.. IGNORANCE! They try to tell people what to buy. If you buy a PlayStation game, they will tell you that the game SUCKS! Then they will say ''Buy an X Box or an X Box 360, its better!'' Thats why I never go there anymore. Nothing but ignorant fools.

monkey6024054d ago

I agree with socomnick. if what cybesentel said there came true gaming would be ruined (for me anyway) They would have to crazy to enforce those user keys though. So many angry people

JsonHenry4054d ago

STFU n00b.

Why would ANYONE that is not in the business of making games not want people to be able to rent or re-sell their games? You state higher prices? Higher prices is the #1 reason I RENT most of my games. Higher prices would simply mean less sales.

Daishi4054d ago

As someone who has actually worked at a Gamestop (three years to be precise). I see it both ways. I for one never trade anything in unless I will NEVER play it again, I hate the pathetic amount you get for trades. However on the other hand why should Gamestop pay a premium price when everyone is trading in last years Madden for the new one when we already have 70 used copies? In fact I went in my old store yesterday and they are actually destroying hundreds of games $2 and under to make room for Christmas. And at Cyber, if you remember back 1 year before the PS3 came out it was actually going to put a code in each game making it only playable in that system. Gamestop said that if they went through with that plan then they would not sell their system. So we actually owe Gamestop some graditude for that much at least. That's also why most Gamestop employees hate Sony, they [email protected] on anyone and anything gamers or retailers because of the success of the PSO and PS2. Microsoft treats those that sell their consoles better as does Nintendo. When your just buying a company's products it's easy to love them if you get what you want (I'm typing this on a Sony Vaio as we speak) but when you work along side them it's a completely different beast.

jlytle12344050d ago

"if you remember back 1 year before the PS3 came out it was actually going to put a code in each game making it only playable in that system"
thats one of the dumbest rumors ive heard anyone say and you use that stupid statement to support your statement that gamestop hates sony. carelessly throwing out factless rumors is everything that is wrong with this site.

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Dogswithguns4055d ago

... they need to stop buying and selling used games.

ruibing4054d ago

My problem with their used games is that its so hard to tell their condition. I've been buying used games from Newbury Comics, whose used games are always in like-new condition.

Bladestar4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

try selling a sport game from the year 2002 or less... I was the the other day and someone call asking how much they would get for the game... the Gamespot guy replied, $0.01... I was what the @#[email protected]()*#&$! I know they usually rip you off.. but that much?

Word of advice... use ebay, give the game to someone you know, burn it, give it to your dog, use it to decorate your garage.... do anything else but sell it to Gamestop... once you do you will never be the same... and though not everyone will know about it... deep inside of you... you will always know. you are a sucker!

Guitarded4055d ago

Not because I'm a sucker. I know the deal up front. I'm just lazy and impatient. That and PayPal sucks and Craigslist is useless. At least from my experience.

Bonsai12144054d ago

to be completely honest, the madden 05 for a dollar deal is a great find. 05 was the last good madden before they started crapping out games..

but yeah, theres no reason why i should trade in 5 games for 10 bucks. its ridiculous.

hahahabutt4055d ago

Didnt someone post the same thing like a week and a half ago?? my gosh. Get better news