Warriors Orochi: PlayTM Review - '..frantic action'

PlayTM writes: "what's maddening for this particular reviewer is that Japanese gamers seem to think the Western market is saturated with little more than banal first-person shooters, but then they flock in droves to the likes of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, lovingly embracing perhaps the most unrewarding and unchallenging gameplay mechanic ever created." "

"Further to that, while the Western market is indeed overpopulated by FPS releases, at least some of those titles can boast compelling narrative, fabulous characterisation, staggering visuals, and inventive originality, all of which combine to carve a clear victory when it comes to which genre is most deserving of a gamer's time and money. BioShock, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Resistance: Fall of Man... or Warriors Orochi? You choose, and then decide which regional market needs to climb down from its tarnished rinse and repeat pedestal."

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