Hitman Takes Aim at Hollywood: Next-Gen Interview

Hitman has experienced a roller coaster ride from script to Cineplex. Producer Adrian Askeriah, who's also working on a big screen adaptation of Johnny Quest and graphic novel Hack Slash, started talking to Eidos in April 2004 about bringing Agent 47 to the big screen.

From the interview:

"Agent 47 is a huge iconic character and I have been a fan of the character I have always wanted to do something with it," said Askeriah. "I had been under the impression that the movie rights weren't available. We approached Eidos and it took about a year to lock them down."

"We just went in there and were passionate about protecting the integrity of the character…and we had a clear intention of making this an R-rated action movie. We wanted the movie to be so close to the spirit of the game that IO created. We hit it off with the IO guys and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them."

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