Ninja Gaiden 2: Next-Gen Preview

Next-Gen describes: :

"With many still discovering and returning to 2004's breakneck bloodbath, be it through 360 emulation or PS3's Sigma remake, there's no denying the timeliness of announcing a proper sequel. The hardcore, faced with the rise of non-gaming and Japan's labored uptake of new consoles, are yearning for some old-school pain. Ninja Gaiden 2, as you discover from the off, has more than enough to go around."

"The enemy AI changes as he loses an arm or a foot," Yoshifuru Okamoto, the game's producer explains. "Our objective is to show cool action right up until the enemy is killed. But our ninja won't search bodies or steal weapons from the dead. Bodies remain solely for the purpose of graphic realism. I think the increased power of Xbox 360 has made a unique way of depicting violence possible: how the blood is spilt, how the body is dismembered and how the parts remain on the ground."

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nevelo074056d ago

its too bad that michrosh!t paid off team ninja to have it exclusive now i gotta play it with that horriable controller

Double-Edged4056d ago

It's too bad that the controller for PS3 is only good for d-pad use.
But NINJA GAIDEN uses analogs so i dont know how you find the PS3 controller better for NINJA GAIDEN.
and I don't know how you find the controller for the 360 crappy... but it has rumble which the PS3 controller lacks.

Regardless of your fanboys comments. It would be stupid to say PS3 controller is better for NINJA GAIDEN.

Oh ... and it's too bad this game wont come to PS3. Paid by MS or not.
and at the end..

I'll be playing NINJA GAIDEN 2...and not NINJA GAIDEN 1.3(sigma)

Bnet3434056d ago

Microsoft did the right thing ... they are making you play it on their console no?

Alpha_Gamer4056d ago

Besides, I read in an article somewhere that the 360 can produce better, smarter, more realistic AI, and thats why the producer chose 360.

fe104056d ago

More of the same, we want new pictures and gameplay videos.

poopface14056d ago

I cant wait for this game. I loved the one on xbox and will buy this day 1 fo sho. By the way the PS pad has always had crappy analog stiks. I had it on ps1 and 2 and never liked it. ps3 is alttle better controler but not good still.

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