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GameInformer: "It’s been a long wait. Star Wars Battlefront II released to consoles and PC way back in 2005, and the past six years have only given fans two PSP games and a host of rumors about a true console sequel. Variously rumored to be in development by Free Radical, Pandemic, Rebellion, and Spark Unlimited, the actual fate of Battlefront III is shrouded in mystery.

Even so, an enthusiastic fan base remains. Perhaps someday soon we’ll receive definitive word on a new installment, but in the meantime we’ve wracked our brains for the best ideas we could come up with for Battlefront III.

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ATi_Elite2510d ago

Just make it the best game ever.

Great controls, great graphics, huge levels, pack it full of everything Star Wars. Just go all out like your trying to crush Battlefield 3.

and for Gaming sakes DO NOT turn it into Call of Duty!!

DeadlyFire2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I agree. Batttlefront III should be based entirely on Battlefield 3 + Republic Commando + Jedi Knight + Moviebattles 2 mix though I believe.

First person/third person. Up to at least 64 player PC dedicated servers. Non gamespy crap.

Heroes should be left out of the game or just in special modes. Jedi class should be implemented and balanced out so there are limits. No unlimited force powers like force push times 1000 or anything like that and ability to actually get shot. Jedi die just like anyone else in the Star Wars galaxy.

Solid_Snake-2510d ago

battlefront 2 is still online on steam for anyone who wants to get there fix.

guitarded772510d ago

I play SWBF2 on my backward compatible PS3 sometimes... I'll start a match and within a few min at least 4 - 5 people will be in and it grows from there. During the PSN outage I could still play SWBF 2 online as they had external servers, and I think more than a few people figured that out and had a good time. I really want SWBF3 though... I have been in the speculation thread on the LucasArts forum for a long time... I'm zach_tx1 over there.

Simonkey752510d ago

A new Star Wars Battlefront would be aces, especially with what they could bring to it with all that's been learnt about console multiplayer over the last 5 years.

sonicsidewinder2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Saw that last image and felt the urge for Republic Commando.

Old McGroin2510d ago

I only want one thing when it comes to Battlefront 3: Make the damn thing already!!

NewVegasTroop2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

better yet: Star Wars Battlefront HD Collection

i say that for the mean time, add battlefront 1, 2 and renegade squadron, dont add elite squadron because it wasn't that good, but okay add it anyway because it did have okay campaign but the galactic conquest was bad, have like 30 trophies/achievements on both battlefront 1 and 2 and 12 trophies/achievements on renagade and elite.

i would pay FULL price for this

EDIT: also for battlefront 2 add the exclusive missions from the psp version of the game

negative2510d ago

Battlefront II HD Edition sounds like an amazing idea!!!! WTF LucasArts?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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