PlayStation 3's New Hope

Sony Computer Entertainment has a problem. It has sold 1.24 billion PlayStation 2 games into territories spanning the globe, but its newest PlayStation hardware will not play a single one of them. Sony thinks inside the box for its newest iteration of PS3. Can less really mean more? Edge conducts an in-depth interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe managing director Ray Maguire.

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Jandre024055d ago

Sony is about to open a large can of whoop asss

Real Gambler4054d ago

You want BC, you buy a 60Gig, or 80 Gig version, or you keep your old PS2 and buy a 40 gig version. The end.

Cosmo4054d ago

Assuming you don't live in a PAL region like I do, I don't have the choice. $ony made that for me.

jcgamer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

nice find Rowland...

The_Engineer4055d ago

brings up the BC issue again. If someone buys the 40gb Ps3 does that make their PS2 magically disappear? IF you want to play PS2 games then keep your PS2. I personally am very happy with the fact that money being spent on PS2 compatibility is now better spent on exciting new franchises that will make the PS3 shine.

pacman6154055d ago

the champ has just entered the building folks!!

PimpHandHappy4055d ago

they have added some really good franchises


and you add in the ones they already have


you can say this is the best gen for gamers

Now if they just get these games out because i REALLY REALLY want socom in its nextgen glory

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The story is too old to be commented.