New Exclusive Mass Effect Trailer

New Cinematic Trailer of Mass Effect from Gametrailers

A rogue soldier is leading an unstoppable force across the galaxy and only you can stop him!

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Zhuk4049d ago

This game just keeps looking better and better, I can't wait for this game, only Xbox 360 gives gamers true next generation experiences like Mass Effect.

crazydriver4049d ago

The more I see of this game the longer is the wait!
13days , and its a complete lockdown of the house.
damn , I hope this game lives up to the expectations!!!

celticlonewolf4049d ago

Nothing more needed to be said lol

IQUITN4G4049d ago

Hehe i'd be crying right now if i were a PS3 owner

Double-Edged4049d ago

i agree.
wtf does PS3 have on this game?
drake?? please

vloeistof4049d ago

wtf why i dont even want this game so why sould i cry

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The story is too old to be commented.