TGH: Red Faction: Armageddon Review

TGH Writes: The Red Faction series has come a long way, from its early roots as a first-person shooter in Red Faction and Red Faction 2. The change was made by Volition in Red Faction: Guerilla to allow the player to better appreciate the destruction. Armageddon continues this perspective in a more over the shoulder sense as you fight underground and aboveground as Darius Mason. Can you fend off the hordes of alien creatures to save Mars and its colonists or is this mission one that is best forgot for the Red Faction.

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ShadyDevil2351d ago

It was a decent game but it wasn't at all perfect. Wish it still had competetive mode.

FanOfGaming2351d ago

Never got into this Red Faction and I don't plan to since the review says that they took out competitive multi -__-

Jestrella242351d ago

yeah the multi was great in the last one not many played though

kma2k2351d ago

The best way to descrive this game was fun. It wasnt the best gameplay, it wasnt the best graphics, it wasnt the best story, but it really was a lot of fun. I have played a great many games that had great stories & great gameplay but they just werent all that fun. I found myself many times while playing this game thinking man this is a lot of fun.

Interactions with sam were one of the highlights of the game.