More PS3 Ad Spots Now Airing

By now, there's an excellent chance you've seen at least one of our new PLAYSTATION 3 television spots during your favorite programming in the last two weeks.

You guys have all been really great about letting us know how much you like our ads and we really appreciate it, so we just wanted to send a couple more your way that have already started airing.

Last week, Peter Dille revealed spots showcasing the PS3 as an entertainment powerhouse and exciting 1st Party titles. But that's only part of the story. We have excellent 3rd party titles hitting the PS3 this month that really complement our game lineup.

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jackfatal4053d ago

finaly!! keep up the good ads and always show what games u have!!
and by the way i dont like that guy voice when he says 399!!

Salvadore4053d ago

You should see the ones that air in Europe, they suck.

socsca4053d ago

AGREE, horrible, just horrible.

supnub54053d ago

in comparison with this is living ads this is the best it can get.

hahahabutt4053d ago

Ads like those only last for about a week and a half. No longer then that. The commercials look hot. Anyhow it wont make much of a difference.

DJ4053d ago

how amazing those commercials are, I see. ^_~

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