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God of War: Chains of Olympus Trophy List

God of War: Origins Collection (known as God of War Collection – Volume II in Europe) was first announced at the Sony press conference at E3 2011. The edition is to be a remastered port of the two PSP installments in the series - God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta - for the PlayStation 3 on Blu-ray Disc. The collection is scheduled to be released by Ready at Dawn on September 13, 2011 in North America. It will be the first game to be released under the banner of "PSP Remasters" in North America. (God of War: Origins Collection, PS3)

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firemassacre  +   1355d ago
i hope to bump up my level 15 on ps3 with the amount of trophies ill be getting from these games. the one and the only god of war!
consolez_FTW  +   1355d ago
lvl 15...lucky, it seems like Ive been stuck at lvl 12 forever.
Though yeah, can't wait for this, I never got around to playing this for PSP.
just_sayin  +   1355d ago
how many trophies do you have i have 1893 just made it to level 15
never played these 2 can't wait
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Zechs34  +   1355d ago
Well I for one am lvl 20 w/ 3500 trophies! Can't wait to add these plats to the collection!!! Great September this year for games!
ChiVoLok0  +   1355d ago
@Zechs34 show off... jk :)
Nitrowolf2  +   1355d ago

lol we are the same, i have 3568
egidem  +   1355d ago
consolez_FTW - I can personally attest to that truth. I recently got finished with level 12 by earning some trophies from The Chronicles of Riddick...I can tell you that I've spent quite a long time on level 12!

You'll love Chains of Olympus. One of the best PSP games out there.
mac_sparrow  +   1354d ago
I've heard that Level 12 is the sticking point too, I think after that each level needs 8000 points.

(Level 17, so I at least have an idea of how long it takes to level).
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eagles1990  +   1355d ago
Another Challenge of the Gods trophy? FUUUUUUUUUU-
ChiVoLok0  +   1355d ago
Yea they're a real pain in the rear.
just_sayin  +   1355d ago
sorry had to finish it
badz149  +   1355d ago
why? you want easy trophies? c'mon dude, I'm glad that this is not 100% easy trophies!
ChiVoLok0  +   1354d ago
I actually liked GoW 1 trophy collection because it was fairly easy and it made up for not having a trophy for beating the game in God mode. God mode itself isn't really hard just the boss fight at the end made me loose some bearings (however you spell that).
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eagles1990  +   1354d ago
I don't want easy trophies it's just that the challenges are a pain in the ass. They're so annoying.
mac_sparrow  +   1354d ago

I hated that fight, finally got past the fmaily bit and bing, power cut. I was so annoyed I put it back on the shelf for a month. A friend asked me to show him how hard it was, took it over there, first go I aced it. He wasn't impressed, then I made him have a go ;)
egidem  +   1355d ago
I can agree to that. The god of war challenges are pretty annoying, due to lots of death and repetition. For example, God of War 2's challenges were a pain in the ass, but the Ding! trophy I earned was worth it.
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Omar91  +   1355d ago
oooooooooooooo trophies!!!! give me!
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1354d ago
im level 23 with 4700+ trophies. so i cant wait for this to release.
tarbis  +   1354d ago
Just seeing them to be released on PS3 makes me happy =D
VideoGamesCast  +   1354d ago
If you are interested in the other GoW trophy list. Here is a link http://www.videogamescast.c...

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