Analysis: How much further can the Wii go

Since its launch almost one year ago, the Nintendo Wii has certainly been the big surprise among the three major game console contenders. As we approach the one-year anniversary, TG Daily game expert Mark Raby reviews what has made the Wii the success it is today and how much room there is for more in the future.

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esreveR4028d ago

With games like Super Mario Galaxy and the new Smash Bros on the way showing what can be done on the Wii, I really don't see any reason to worry.

season0074028d ago

Aside from the fact that a lot of kids and girls are getting Wii, I don't see how this console can go a lot further

Most of my friend got wii had either sold it on ebay or covered it with dust...and most of them are either playing Xbox360 or PS3...or worse if they can't afford a HDTV yet, PSP-2000...

The games in the launch of Wii was good, but the innovation didn't last
imo they could have produced much better games that utilize the use of Wii remote, but they have just been releaseing same types of game over and over and modify some games which does not need Wii remote and plays better...such as some of the FPS , RPG, dragon ball or the coming PES 2008...

If Nintendo is not going to change its strategy in the production of game for 3rd party developers, the 80%+ crappy game rate is going to ruin this machine for sure...

i believe there should be more unrevealed power of Wii but it is often overlooked with the FAKED innovation in most of the games...i don't think Wii can't even have on par graphical ability as PS2, it is just most 3rd party devs trying to fool the consumers with all the Wii remote game...if they can change its strategy, i am sure it can last for another 2-3 years

wAtdaFck4028d ago

I give this post 3 thumbs up. I wholly agree.

forum_crawler4028d ago

"i don't think Wii can't even have on par graphical ability as PS2"

You do realize that the GC had more horsepower than the PS2 right? if you don't believe me look it up... google is your friend...

I think Nintendo is doing pretty good for themselves and there is no reason to worry at all here is why:

1. They sell more consoles than everybody else.
2. They make money on the sale of every console.
3. Third party developers do sell lots of games on the wii (i.e. RE4)
4. They have the largest install base.
5. People buy games.

Nope. I don't think Nintendo has anything to worry about, and I think that for as long as this round of consoles lives, Nintendo will continue to sell more.

season0074028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

three out of five reasonings are they sell consoles, you do know gaming industry was called gaming industry because it is mostly about game? and who cares if they make money on their is about how far it can go

and i have said Wii should be able to perform as good as PS2 graphically but it hasn't done it in its first year...which is totally untolerable because it doesn't have the complex structure of PS3, and it should've delivered much better game

btw, mystery disgrees+mystery bubbles gone for the win =)

forum_crawler4028d ago

A game with an inferior PS2 engine when compared to the game cube version. It was because the cube had more guts. They compensated by introducing more content. The Wii version of the game uses the cube engine + the additional content from the PS2 version plus the added controller system.

Super Mario Galaxy is a game that gives us a hint of what the wii can do graphically, and while it isn't on par with PS3/360 titles, it shows that it can render great graphics.

Knocking the wii because it's lower graphical ability would be like knocking the PS3/360 for lacking the graphics potential of PC's. Take UT3. Guess what, the game is 20% SLOWER on the PS3 than the PC version for two reasons, aiming with the regular controller, and frames. The PS3 just doesn't have the bandwidth to compete with PC graphics. Does that mean that we should talk badly about it? No. Gears of War, guess which platform supports the best graphics... yes it is the PC.

season0074028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

i am saying PS2 graphic is ok but wii fail to deliver it when it should've...meaning i expect it to deliver better prodcut graphically and it doesn't have to get on PS3 or xbox 360 standard =/

I don't want to be mean in here so yea... i didn't knock wii for its graphical performance by any means

edit: and oh yea.. i don't have any more bubbles to talk about so =)

forum_crawler4028d ago

Give the wii some time. Once developers catch on and realize what can be done with the wii, the quality of the games will improve, and so will the graphics.

GIJeff4028d ago

is dead to me. Long live real innovation (PS Eye control, modern TV support, etc..) The wiimote is a cheap gimmik that chicks and non-gamers like. So good for them, i dont care if anyone has fun, in fact i incourage it. The wii like most fads wont last long. The Wii is the jean jacket of consoles. Everyone wants one until 1 popular person says "ew, thats sooooo 5 minutes ago" then before you know it, everyone is off the wii wagon.

forum_crawler4027d ago

You talk about real innovation and yet you are suggesting consoles??? Now you have me confused?!?!?!?

You want real innovation, play games on your PC. That is where you get to see most of the innovation.

TruthbeTold4026d ago

It's the highly expensive, HD-Wallet busting consoles that are the "trendy Jean Jackets". Everyone wants one, but they stick to what's natural, tried and true rather than over pay for the sake of unnecessary (At the current price) graphics overkill. Nintendo is pumping out more Wii's than ever before, and they are still flying off the shelves. Why? Because it's fun, innovative, and affordable, the way gaming should be.

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ChickeyCantor4028d ago

So when developers dont even try making use of the Wii, and start pumping out low-end PS2 games, its the Wii's fault?

"the 80%+ crappy game rate is going to ruin this machine for sure... "

and how is this Wii's fault again?
if its a crappy game its not because of the console but because of the developers.

if ya like PS2 on the gfx department so much, you can also open your eyes to look @ the PS2 library and notice the few crappy games.

but did it made de PS2 " bad ".
first year was crappy, so yess, but from the upcoming line up you can tell its getting better.

FelicityOldGamer4028d ago

It´s the first year for the Wii... The next year we will see a great improvement on the Wii

Jammy22114028d ago

A terribly written article that didn't seem informed about the Wii at all and dodged alot of obvious points when trying to look right. I mean when it was listing 'traditional' Wii games, it mentioned Super Paper Mario and Twilight Princess, yeah fine. Then it went onto slate the Wii for a lack of them, without mentioned the best of them thus far (Super Mario galaxy, Zack and Wiki, Metroid Prime 3, Resdient Evil 4, Fire Emlbme, Battalion Wars 2, Trauma Center etc).

The writer just doesn't seem to have a clue how the industry works and what the hell they're talking about. When he said about PSP-PS3 intergration, is that even possible yet? I've read about some of the awesome stuff thats up coming, but can you actually do any of it yet? Except use it as a rear view mirror in Ridge Racer...? Also Rock Band is coming to the Wii in 2008.

Then to round things off, he tries to suggest the Wii might stop being so successful if Nintendo don't change their stategy. Yeah, right, Nintendo's current strategy is failing isn't it? Perhaps they should raise the console to a $600 pricepoint or something? okay...

GIJeff4028d ago

Actually, you can use your PSP to access files and games on your PS3 from anywhere on the planet. AND, you can play LAIR on the PSP from your PS3. Thats real innovation.

Jammy22114027d ago

Yeah, I read about that and was very impressed. Thing was, you couldn't do it yet. It was a plan for the future, something which would happen but wasn't set to yet.

However, that may just be in Europe. Perhaps Sony are just giving us the cold shoulder while they've already got that set up in America? Or perhaps you're just stating what is coming, but not yet avaliable?

Although it'll be great when it happens, and sounds incredible, if it's not yet avaliable then really it shouldn't count, right?

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