Having a Wii Fit doesn't mean your workouts will end after the summer

GamerFitNation provides some ideas for workouts that you can do in home when working out in the gym or going for a run is not in your schedule."Those of you that play Wii fit will know that after a certain amount of jogging mini games, you can unlock the option to play free run in the game. Now typically, you could do this without the game and just run in place within the pleasure of your own home, but where is the fun in that!?"

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Kamikaze1352445d ago

Wait....there are people who only work out in the Summer? What's the point? LOL

You either work out year around a few times a week or don't work out at all.

xtheownerzx2445d ago

LOL, it happens man trust me. The fall weather causes people to lose motivation and once you lose it, its hard to get it back. Then when the summer comes everyone wants to work out, go on crash diets to get the ideal body represented in the media.

thegamefanatics2445d ago

Word, no fun jogging in freezing temp. Good article. Thanks :)

Kamikaze1352445d ago

It's stupid to only work out for one season. Then people cry and wonder why they aren't losing weight or looking like Superman after 3 years of working out.


Yeah, summer time is crazy good for workouts but it's almost over. Still when the winter comes along you're going to need advice from a Doctor for Gamers Check it out:

starcb262445d ago

I want to work out, but it's always 95+ in Houston -____-

Solidus187-SCMilk2445d ago

im going to workout in the AC.

But I cant wait till winter for playing street hockey because now the heat is killer.

bfigaro2445d ago

Great article. I love my wii fit I have on it cause it's so darn hot in louisiana.

9thGenHero2445d ago

Great article to motivate people to workout during the winter, it's very easy to avoid physical activity because of all the games coming out this fall and winter

fredolopez2445d ago

You can never go wrong with jump rope :D so much fun and such a good workout!!!

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