Hack Turns PS3 Blu-ray Into Star Trek Phaser

The argument over what the PS3's Blu-ray laser is better for, watching movies or playing games, has been rendered moot by this hack which uses it to make a super sweet Star Trek (original series, that is) phaser. The modifications don't look all that hard, either, for someone who's mechanically inclined. Which, sadly, is not me. I'm lucky if I put the batteries the right way around in the remote.

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resistance1004053d ago

I've got a red laser pen, but a blu laser gun is just quailty.

It does amaze me what these hackers can actually do

paul_war4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

True, though I think the modifications DO look that hard.

Now there is a PS3 missing it's laser!


No, the guy said on the video that he taked just a blu-ray unit from PS3, for 45 bucks... So it's from a PS3 that broke, or some part dealer, or, who knows... What wouldn't make any sense is open up a PS3 to remove blu-ray parts and sell it for $45.

Foliage4053d ago

I'd rather keep the hundred bucks.

Daurelus174053d ago

i gotta say thats pretty coo

CaliGamer4053d ago

Perfect to shine in the eyes of various XBOTS on this site. Blind them baby.

eLiNeS4053d ago

A Blu-Ray Star Trek Phaser!

CaliGamer4053d ago

No sense of humor. I guess it was a good comeback, you got me sir. Ridiculous.

Relientk774053d ago

i dont even like star trek... but that is frickin cool

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The story is too old to be commented.