5-year-old Guitar Hero breaks man's toe at Wal-Mart

A 5-year-old boy reportedly crushed a man's toe at Wal-Mart Wednesday after he smashed his Guitar Hero controller onto his foot. Bob Crandford of Foot Pain Cure said that he was waiting in the return line when he heard plastic shatter, followed by his toe's pain screaming up his leg.

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chester3605d ago

that is freaking awesome.

Mr_Kuwabara3605d ago

Aaaah the innocence of a child.

Danja3605d ago

LOL....that's what you get for cutting through the line B! j/k..

ATLRoAcH3605d ago

Thats funny.This gives you a better picture “The lady’s 5-year-old boy had just smashed his Guitar that they were about to return on my little toe like he was a rockstar.”

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The story is too old to be commented.