Smash It Up! - It's Hip to be Square

Another five days of updates, and another five days of no new playable characters being revealed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's beginning to be concerning, now, that some of the old Smash veterans haven't yet appeared in profiles on – the Captain Falcon fans, in particular, are about to fly to Masahiro Sakurai's house and toilet paper the place. But most distraught in this past week were probably past players of Ness, who was all but confirmed to be cut by the Thursday post detailing Lucas' all-too-similar special moves.

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MK_Red4056d ago

If Nintendo gets Final Fantasy characters into SSBB, it will set industry on fire and sell times more (While it's already predicted to be a mega seller).
Imagine Cloud vs Solid Snake vs Link vs Samus!

TruthbeTold4056d ago

As much as some people don't want to see 3rd party characters, Smash Bros is at base a spotlight/showcasing game. The inclusion of Square Enix characters would instantly cut through at least half of the hatred felt toward this game by the portion of the gaming world that is against it.

Not that it is going to happen, because it isn't, but the inclusion of Cloud and Master Chief, along with Sonic and Snake would eventually put a copy of this game into nearly every gaming household in America.

Rooftrellen4056d ago

I wouldn't exclude the possibility of a FF character.

Locke from FF6 would be grest to see (factorite FF character ever).

The first 6 FF and then CC has been on Nintendo platforms. One of them may well be in it.

We'll see. I get this feeling Nintendo is locking down info on most of the new characters, though. I would want it to be a suprise if Mega Man or Zero challenges me, anyway!

I say thoughts like this, because Nintendo is only giving us a taste, is GOOD for them, the game, and us. Let the speculation continue!

DeckUKold4056d ago

imagine ryu in this game besides me

up special dragon uppercut
standard special hadoken
side special hurrican kick
down special change to ken and akuma(each of them with special attributes)
and FINALSMASH: (Ryu)SHENKU HADOKEN (ken)Shryureppa(akuma)yhat move he grabs you
just my imagination ahhhhhhhhhh

ShiftyLookingCow4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Cloud is no way coming to Smash(it doesnt make any sense). Cloud has always been exclusive to Playstation(PS1, now PSP). FFVII was the first FF game not to be found on a Nintendo console.

edit: besides isnt FF Dissidia a fighting game?

ItsDubC4056d ago

I still think Megaman will find his way onto the roster.

Rooftrellen4056d ago

I agree, and with the adventure mode being different for every character, I wouldn't be suprised at all by either Zero or Sigma, too.

I somewhat expect Shadow, as well, since Sonic is confirmed.

KnowitAll4056d ago

I love street fighter/wrestling and other fighting games. But I believe super smash could be the best fighting one. Who ever thought of this is a dam genuis.(Making all the characters really balance, thiers moves ect..)