GameSpot Gives 3.5/10 to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

GameSpot's Alex Navarro writes:
"If Zombie Ninja Pro-Am has any one particularly compelling feature, it's its extras list, which includes multiple episodes and clips of the show, including one exclusive episode. It also includes an interview with the creators of the show, which really hammers home exactly how little of a crap they seemed to have given about the making of this game. While the sort of metahumor of making a game as bad as possible isn't entirely lost on us, it doesn't excuse Zombie Ninja Pro-Am's inherent lousiness one bit. Just recently, The Simpsons Game did something similar, riffing on hackneyed gameplay conventions while playing out those same exact conventions throughout the course of the game. The difference there was that the core gameplay in The Simpsons Game was at least decent, if unspectacular. Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is aggressive in its awfulness, practically daring you to suffer through it if you want to get the joke. Too bad the joke isn't that funny."

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MK_Red4057d ago

This is another terrible use of a potentially perfect source material. How could devs screw up games of Looney Tunes and others like this one?

BTW, Yay for Alex's review. My sole fave reviewer in GameSpot.