GameSpot: Alien vs. Predator Hands-On Impressions and Screens

This week GameSpot received an updated build of the PlayStation Portable title, and for those who were already amped at the thought of slaughtering aliens as the Predator, good news -- this game is for you.

Developer Rebellion is no stranger to the Alien vs. Predator concept, having created the well-received 1999 AVP title. While this current game is a handheld exclusive with only the Predator playable, it retains some of the original's charm. Your Predator character features a variety of weapons and abilities, including the token hand blades, spear, shoulder cannons, and throwing disc. But you'll also need to use his other skills to advance, namely the thermal, alien, and technology vision modes to spot prey, find remains, and solve basic environmental puzzles, such as downed power cables.

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MK_Red4053d ago

I really really hope they make a proper sequel to the superb Alien vs Predator 2 for PS3, 360 and PC. I want my HD AVP now!

Charlie26884053d ago

So you are hungry for more motion tracker paranoia?...with pulserifles and smartguns...and yes a LOT of acid blood XD

nobizlikesnowbiz4053d ago

Don't forget your minigun and S.A.D.A.R. rockets.

esreveR4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Oh how I'd love to relive those face-impregnating moments once again...this time in HD! If only they'd make on for 360.