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a_bro2507d ago

yea, i saw this yesterday and i was completely in disgust of what i seen.. so messed up.

Abash2507d ago

Very awful what the guy had to go through, and I'm glad that he'll get a new PSP from Sony

But I thought it was going to be a 14 year old or something getting mugged because they said he was was a "Boy". The guy is 20, and I'm 20 and don't consider myself a "Boy" anymore. They should of said it was a "Man" being mugged, it's much more appropriate for the age

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limewax2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Probably had a little bit to do with the fact the people who mugged him were older, yet you would never suggest one of them was a man in any way. All these riots are being performed by kids more or less, even the over 25s can hardly be referred to as an adult. But I say deal out the punishment hard, They have done more damage to the UK in 4 days than the IRA managed to in years, Its becoming borderline terrorism.

There's even talk of it spreading out into the smaller towns tonight, It was across 8 major cities last night. It's even being talked about coming to where I live now and our town is of no significance whatsoever

sikbeta2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Good to see Sony doing something for the dude, added to what the whole riot cost to them already, hope the guy forget about that quickly, enjoy his new PSP, as for the douches, they must pay for the chaos they're causing...

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ChiVoLok02507d ago

Just another way to get publicity. Oh well that's still nice of Sony to do that.

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WhittO2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

^^ haha didn't even know I lost a bubble? :(

I put a '*' over the 'i' lol, guess you have to write it as d******d?

gamingdroid2507d ago

I must be living in a cave or something, but what the fudge is going on over there?

Riot and anarchy?

kaveti66162507d ago

"the ban on bad language is based on the hypocrite morals of christianity. And N4G should be a religion-independent place."

You're wrong but I agree that language censorship should not be as strict on this site.

SilentNegotiator2507d ago

"the ban on bad language is based on the hypocrite morals of christianity. And N4G should be a religion-independent place"

That is incredibly ignorant.

jc485732507d ago

I'm 27 and I'm used to people calling me a boy. I just pretend I'm annoyed, but I'm not lol.

StbI9902507d ago

Yeah because a bunch a thieves beat you to blood, won't you like to be called anything but a man who should have defended yourself right?...

Boy = Male, thank you.

JimRome2507d ago

You're still a boy, in my eyes. You're not a damn man, by any means.

iNFAMOUZ12507d ago

your still a boy abash, 20 isn't that old.

pixelsword2507d ago

like someone pointed out, the PSP was still in the packaging: I hate to say it but in all likelihood, he probably was one of the rioters that got rioted on, to turn a phrase.

= /

zag2506d ago

That videos is only of the second gang to come along.

He was bashed by another group that was 20 mins before this video, then these guys turned up a different gang and probably said hey we'll let you walk home etc, without bashing you if you give us something on you.

and PSP is given away as the guy turns and lets the guys open his bag and take the PSP.

The full video has it all it's from a person on facebook.

HappyGaming2506d ago

5 or so years ago some thieves in london broke into my house stole my psp and left everything else :/

Anarki2506d ago

Who reports for bad language, honestly guys? we're not in school. Don't like bad language, stay off the internet.

Trunkz Jr2506d ago

That's the Evil Malice of Humans, we suck...

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malol2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

that's nice from sony

jack_burt0n2507d ago

Awesome NEWS!!

Protect and support geeks and gamers world wide.

They should have called me to protect the enfield warehouse :)

But also as a londoner born and bred, this kind of violence happens quite alot, obviously not on the scale of the last couple days, but london needs long term changes in certain areas from the government so people stop killing each other for their iphones FFS.

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iamnsuperman2507d ago

I know right. It looked like they were goimg to help him but decided to mug him. Nice of Sony to do this. Lets hope the Police use there face and arrest them. Just disgusting. The only good from this whole situation is the emence support from other comunites helping clean up and showing support for the Police. I hope they catch them all

Christopher2507d ago

He needed surgery after the attack alone. Ridiculous that no one even helped him get to a hospital.

limewax2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Well, to be honest its starting to come to light how deep these gangs run. All of the people around were likely involved. One of the guys they just arrested for being involved with the rioting gangs, He was a primary/elementary school teacher

Miiikeyyy2507d ago

wow, he was here for 1 month, got mugged, bike stolen and got the hospitalized :/ Makes me feel sick. I'm so sick and tired of chavs

BubbleSniper2507d ago

i saw this couple of days ago i think, it made me so angry...

Quagmire2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Makes me wonder why civilians dont actually try and help the police and take down these wannabe-gangster assholes.

That video was absolutely sad. The man was clearly in pain and bleeding, helpless and alone, and they feel the need to go through his bag.

Fucking hell, what is the world coming to?

SirBillyBones2506d ago

@Quagmire: Civilians did try to help and it resulted in 3 of them tragically losing their lives.

That's in my city, London was worse. Check out some of the footage and you'll see how serious the events were, there's nothing civilians could do except clean up afterwards and identify as many people as possible in photos the police are releasing.

SilentNegotiator2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

That's nice to hear (that he's getting a new PSP). Poor kid getting taken advantage of by those sneaky little A-holes. I would have been furious if I were in the camera-person's position, because I wouldn't be able to run straight over from being at a high floor. I would have laid waste to these punks.

This makes my blood boil.

Dart892507d ago

Bu bu but Sony is evil pfft yea right my ass.

Glad Sony is giving this kid what was stolen from him when people do this kind of stuff it's sickening.

May god have mercy on know what screw that let god punish these damn a$$holes for what they are doing.

hilyou2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

who ever disagreed with a_bro is a complete idiot thats doesnt hav a spine and is not human, how the hell can u not disgusted by this?

showtimefolks2507d ago

i wish in my lifetime once we can all just calm down and all leaders of every country sitting on a round table and solve the issues without involving military or bombs because all that has ever done is take more innocent life than it has ever saved

peace and love between india and pakistan(i am pakistani)

peace and love between muslims and jews or muslims and israel

mastiffchild2507d ago

If we can't have the love, though, surely we could have tolerance and respect for each other's belief(or lack of faith)and way of life.

Whether Jewish, Muslim, Indian, English, American, Christian or you practise Shinto or whatever why can't we just let each other live? It beggars belief when nearly EVERY religion AND common sense dictates we respect one another for the overall benefit. These riots in the UK have nothing to do with the initial shooting that enraged tempers in Tottenham and is the product of it being hijacked by crims who saw a main chance.

Good on Sony, though, I felt so bad for that kid.

Quagmire2507d ago

Its hard for people to live together when there a crazy few on either side who try and ruin it for the mojority of people who actually want peace. Osama and his brain-dead taliban/al-qaeda clan did no favours to the muslim world by trying to cause havoc and chaos everywhere, causing hatred for the millions of the innocent muslim population.

It also doesnt help how the media feeds of these issues and blows them into such huge proportions it allows the general public to become brainwashed into thinking all muslims are terrorists.

Its sick. Its inhumane. But then again, what does it mean to be human these days, anymore?

zero_cool2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

im not surprised by this in the least considering our economy & living conditions are on a downward spiral this stuff is bound to happen & only going to get more worse from here on out.

SirBillyBones2506d ago

Exactly. Anyone with even half a clue wasn't surprised by any of this. There's been a cloud of resentment and extreme unhappiness hanging over the UK for many many years. Over the past couple of generations morals have slowly eroded away and all we've done is laugh as we watch Jeremy Kyle.

Mr Logic2507d ago

Like it or not stuff like this happens all the time and all over the world. Why should this guy get special treatment just because it was caught on video?

This 20 year old "boy" doesn't deserve a new PSP, not because there's something wrong with him, but because it's not fair to others.

Liquid_Ocelot2507d ago

Sadly but true, and here in US it gets even worse at times >:l

I'm happy for the 'kid' and for Sony putting their grain of salt to help him 'get back up'

khamvongsa092506d ago

People don't seem to realize that.

subtenko2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Nice one Sony! Other companys wouldn't do stuff like that but you stepped in out of pure kindness.

p.s. give hime the psp AFTER the riots,lol it would be f'd up it he got mugged again. Thats when Sony would sent their SWAT team a.k.a. Kevin Butler

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

AXOi2507d ago

It surely is messed up - poor guy had no strength (or courage, which I can understand) to even react to it... I think this man deserves a VITA :D

JsonHenry2507d ago

Thank God for my Second Amendment. Only people with a death wish would riot like that in most of our cities.

It is one thing to attack "the establishment" (building, smashing windows, etc..) but to attack your fellow man who has done you no harm is just no good at all.

Kudos to Sony for giving this guy a replacement. That is above and beyond standard customer support/service.

Gray-Fox-Type02506d ago

I think its good time to get of the flith from this remorse. Slaughter the evil dump them in landfill no one will miss them. All those rapist, murderers , prostitutes, pedofiles the flith of society terminated.

Gray-Fox-Type02506d ago

Police shud use tear gas, water canons , plastic bullets , baseball bat whatever needs and destroy these people.

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BroGamer2507d ago

Its absolutely shocking. Poor lad was obviously dazed with his injuries and these hooligans just have no remorse stealing his stuff. Unbelievable.

BABY-JEDI2507d ago

Just curious, who disagreed & why??????
Sad day when someone disagrees with the obvious. : (

Ares842507d ago

Probably those hooligans did from the video. Or someone who want's to be funny.

These people in England should be dealt with harshly. What they did in the video is shocking to say the soon as those guys reached for the young man's bad they lost all of their human rights and should be treated like the animals they are.

Lucreto2507d ago

This person should be the first person to get a vita. It disgraceful that this had to happen to him and lets hope these people are caught.

Godmars2902507d ago

Yeah, but who's going to break the knee caps of the bastards who took it in the first place? At the very least were they caught?

Lucreto2507d ago

As far as I know they were not caught but I hope the video might help in an arrest.

theEx1Le2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It was on the news earlier that they have identified the people who go through his bag.

Lionalliance2507d ago

Oh yes! Do ya have a link for it?

Northtouch2507d ago

Actually they managed to find out who ONE of them was. Not all of them or the guy that stole from the other guys bag though.

But now that they've cuaght one of them hopefuly the feds can interogate him enough to cough up who the others where.

mastiffchild2507d ago

They seemed to know each other(the muggers) so the police will get 'em all now they have one. The courts are open 24/7 processing the rioters caught as well.

Miiikeyyy2507d ago

They caught the guy who took the stuff from his bag

OllieBoy2507d ago

That video really pissed me off. Those thugs are the true scum of the earth.

Glad SCEE is doing this.