Resistance Map Pack #2 Unveil - First Screens and Details

The PlayStation 3's strongest launch title looks to have some very long legs, especially since Insomniac continues to pump out content for its first PlayStation 3 title, Resistance: Fall of Man. The game has seen a number of patches that have tweaked and refined the gameplay, as well as a downloadable map pack that gave gamers new arenas to wage war in.

Insomniac is set to release the second map pack sometime around the end of this month, and IGN have the first screens and details on what will be contained in the package. As well, IGN fired off a number of questions to Ted Price, the president and CEO of Insomniac Games, to see what it's all about.

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Darkiewonder4057d ago

Now lower the price of the first map pack to 4.99.


resistance1004057d ago

look's like this game will still get alot of play time from me. Dispite the fact i will spend alot of time now on COD4 online.

Hagaf224057d ago

people still play this, dont get me wrong great game but alot of people moved on, guess they are trying to get fans back. FIGHT INSOMNIAC FIGHT!

resistance1004057d ago

This game isn't going away any time soon, its built up a solid fanbase and has resisted the likes of Warhawk and came out strong. If any game is going to shift its online focus it will be killzone or Socom which have large solid fanbases from the Ps2.

Nagthragarthoth4056d ago

you make it sound like they are trying to make up for something.

Insomniac games has nothing to prove.

It sounds like you've never played this game.

gamesblow4057d ago

Not realy, The boards are chalked full to this day. So, no... they "ALL" haven't moved on. I can still sustain 40 on 40 player games all night long. COD 4 is stale to me online. I won't touch it again... Great game, loved the SP... but the online isn't for me. Warhawk and Resistance are solid gold with me and online.

I'll be getting this patch when it drops, for sure.

Sevir044057d ago

i'll be downloading this game pak when it hits later this month. Go insomniac, now all you need to do is just hit us up with some screens of the next iterartion of your amazing launch title. Resistance 2, man that game is going to be amazing i'm actaully alittle more hyped for it than i am killzone reason being after playing such a solid launch title, with golden online lag free glory, and then play'd ratchet. and seen how amazing it looks over R:FOM i cant help but just know that there next game will be miles ahead of it's 2 previous stabs at the PS3. one can only be amazed, right night insomniac is 2 for 2. 2 AAAs can't wait. at all. come on insomniac lets do this

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