Nintendo's Missing Games: Europe is Being Watched

Xenoblade. The Last Story. Pandora's Tower. To much of the gaming world, these three titles are nothing more than the latest or upcoming releases for Wii. For North American gamers, however, these three games won't see release. This controversial move by Nintendo of America has resulted in massive protests, organized in part by "Operation Rainfall," a group of fans dedicated to getting these games in stores.

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Lavalamp2448d ago

So Europe could be North America's saving grace? I'm sure they'll pull through. I mean, they are my PALs after all. :D

zerocrossing2448d ago

Lol! I see what you did there. ;D

limewax2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Not trying to boost PS3 here, But this is why I think all consoles should be region free, I'm in UK so this time it doesn't really make a difference for me, But there are plenty of titles that I have had without a wait thanks to that particular feature. Actually playing games now that we won't see here until December or later.

At least Wii's are dirt cheap now so for anyone who really needs these game can always buy the PAL wii for next to nothing

Edit: Corrected some spelling

Eromu2448d ago

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

Was that supposed to be ironic?

zerocrossing2448d ago

Really? Damn that sucks! Well the way thing are going its looking more and more likely you guys in the US may get the game anyway =)

DarkZane2448d ago

I dunno where you live, but the video works here in Canada.

Spenok2448d ago

LMAO thats exactly what I got, as well as thought.

It almost sucks to be in the US for this reason alone huh?

MakiManPR2447d ago

Idk about u guys but I live in Puerto Rico(part of US I believe) and I can watch the video.

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zerocrossing2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Damn! Epic isn't an epic! enough word to describe just how epic! That trailer is, They may have to create a whole new word that actually captures the sheer epicenes! of that trailer. So umm yeah, I think I'll be getting this game.

pcz2448d ago

im just buying old games. downloaded f zero x on virtual console. getting f zero gx too.

i cant see another f zero for another two years. well done nintendo

jacksonmichael2448d ago

Both are great. GX is a little harder than X. I resorted to going back to those games much earlier in this whole Operation Rainfall thing.

pcz2448d ago

Yeah, they are good games. I have had them both in the past. just reliving memories really.

TacoTaru2448d ago

If these games fail to come to North America I will not purchase another Nintendo system as difficult as that will be for me.

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