Teen steals $9,000 from grandmother, buys Wii

In Troy, Ohio, a teen who stole more than $9,000 to buy a Nintendo Wii was saved of being sent to prison by the forgiveness of his grandmother. Richard Bruckner, 18, reportedly stole $9,045 from his 78-year-old grandmother. She called the police when she noticed the money missing from her pillowcase, where she stashed it.

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ruibing4051d ago

The kid needs to spend a few days in the slammer to get his priorities straight. Do teens no longer work part-time anymore or do chores to save up money? No guilt, no shame, I hope these kids are not the future.

shodown194051d ago

He had 9000 and all he bought was a Wii? I'm not an advocate of theft but if you're going to steal money, at least spend it on something worth the efforts of your theft. lol.

MK_Red4051d ago

Good one and agreed.

Seriously, who would need $9000 for Wii? The console and all it's games to date cost less than $9000. Wish he had bought PS3 and 360 at least...

DethWish4051d ago

Did.... did you guys read the whole article?

MK_Red4051d ago

Oops, just fully read it. I typed that one before reading but still, 9000 for Wii and drugs?

Meus Renaissance4051d ago

Idiot. I feel sorry for his parents.

Mr_Kuwabara4051d ago

Why on Earth would someone have $9000 dollars in a damn pillowcase?

Hey Grandma this is the 21st century, there is something called a BANK ya know!

xionpunk4051d ago

lol my great grandma used to keep all of her money in her refrigerator.
She didn't trust the banks after the depression lol.
anyways, If i stole $9000 i would skip the wii and get a ps3+ giant HD TV and some booze.

Tsalagi4051d ago

My great-grandparents never put their money in the bank. After they died we found $1200 in my great-granddad's wallet, $3500 in an icing container in the fridge, and $24000 in a box hid in their bedroom.

AnalFace4051d ago

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahaa! Now thats funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.