AOTS builds "world's largest arcade machine"

The arcade machine stands more than 13-feet tall, sports a 70-inch or so screen, and probably runs Doom. The show airs tonight at 7PM on G4, where hopefully they'll unveil the specs behind this bad boy.

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MK_Red4052d ago

Wow, that would be awesome. Arcade games FTW... God I miss those days. MK arcades, Virtua Cop arcades and many more.

JsonHenry4051d ago

I was watching this show today... and ALL I could look at was Olivia's sweet ass the whole time.

I am such a dog. : (

shodown194052d ago

I would love to go back to the days where I could get me a game of Killer Instinct, spend about 10 dollars on Ultimate MK:3, Tekken 2 and then pop in about 1 dollar and play some DAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYTOO OOOOOOOOOONNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

MK_Red4052d ago

Completely agreed. Those were the days (But we're not really old are we!?).

napplegate4051d ago

i still find myself drawn to an arcade game every now and then for old times' sake :)

lawman11084051d ago

That chick is SMOKING HOT