Fotonica is Like Mirror’s Edge, Minus All the Crap

RipTen - Remember the very first time you tried out EA’s Mirror’s Edge and was blown away by how real and truly exhilarating the first-person free-running felt? Remember how that was immediately followed by the massive disappointment of the wonky action mechanics that were seemingly shoe-horned into the game, and you wished you could just go back to running, FOREVER?

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CrzyFooL2686d ago

I've played this, it's fun as hell, and it's FREEEEE

xPhearR3dx2686d ago

Just might have to try this out.

BlackjackCF2686d ago

Bookmarking this and donating money as soon as my next paycheck rolls in.

Invadersims2686d ago

I never played Mirror's Edge so I don't really have a comparison.

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