GTA V Could Sell As Many As 24 Million Units, says Analyst

GTA V has still yet to be announced officially by Rockstar and Take-Two, but it's only a matter of time. It's highly likely that the game will be a big part of Take-Two's fiscal 2013, meaning that it will ship sometime after April 2012. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the next installment, and given Rockstar's pedigree, the quality should be there to help fuel big sales.

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donniebaseball2480d ago

Makes sense. People are hungry for a new GTA. I could even see it doing more than 24 mil over its entire lifetime.

ilikegam3s2480d ago

Yeah I know right.

Thats why heeeaaaaps of people got RDR as well, cos its the closest in terms of gameplay etc to GTA.


subtenko2480d ago

Of course if it was a ps3 exclusive they could put more in the game and do more with it. This is why R* is making Agent a ps3 exclusive because they wanna do what gta on ps2 did for gaming.

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peowpeow2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Of course if it was PC exclusive they could trump whatever vision you had for it as a PS3 exclusive..

No use talking like that

subtenko2480d ago

@peowpeow Im talking about home entertainment consoles, of course it would be epic if they made a pc exclusive but in todays society are pc gamers the majority now? With that said, how many home console exclusives are there compared to pc exclusives? More than pc exclusives, this is why its a shame if you dont have both :)

I would have loved to play games like Penumbra and amnesia on the ps3, but I had to play them on pc cause they were pc exclusives. Glad I can do both B-)

note: gta is not exclusive to anyone right now Im aware. Agent is though, and again, we cant get it on PC, so we have to buy it on PS3 when it comes out.

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FENDR2480d ago

if it was a pc exclusive no one would buy it but neanderthals seriously who wants to play with a keyboard and mouse?

newleaf2480d ago

Agent? PS3 exclusive? You still believe in that? Lol

FaulkinPunch2479d ago

@newleaf Halo4 is gonna be on ps3 ;0

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beavis4play2480d ago

yea, i'm hungry - but skeptical as well. i will NOT be buying it on release after the disappointment of GTA4. it'll be difficult, but i'll be waiting a while after it's release before i buy. i only had #4 about 6 weeks before trading it off.
just my opinion guys - i'm not saying everyone should feel the same way.
i wish they'd do a HD upgrade of vice city - i'd LOVE to go back again.

Micro_Sony2479d ago

Have to agree with you on that. I remember being so hype about this game even waited in a line of about 100 people and finally got home pop it in.....ok looks interesting cell rings...ok... meets guy on steroids...ok...plays 3 mission...cell rings...plays 4 mission...cell rings...missions start to get repetitive...cell ring...f$#k it and pop back in Saints Row 1.

I even called my GF over and she was laughing her self to death because she could not get why I was making a big fuss about this game.

Persistantthug2480d ago

As a matter of fact, GTA4 is in my PS3 right now because the Online portion (GTA RACING mode) has given me the most play time this generation.

Recently, I bought and completed the expansions Episodes on sale from Amazon, courtesy of N4G's prize contest winnings.....Thank you CAT :)

To me, I think the Meta rating of 98 might be a slight bit high, but the game is definitely a 90'ish game....GTA 4 is Greatness to me

When I play GTA4, No other Game captures the "moving breathing living" city like this game. It's like the game is alive.

Needless to say, When GTA 5 comes out, me and my PS3 are there. :)

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StarWolf2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

doubt it. GTA4 was a letdown for many after the whole 10/10 reviews . It was alright but nothing special

blind-reaper2480d ago

GTA4 was a letdown for many, but the game it is called Grand Theft Auto, so no matter what it will sell tons.

blumatt2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I don't care if it sells but 100,000 copies. I just hope it's fun like San Andreas. And on a side note, I hope they use all 50GB of the bluray disc. Theres no reason why they can't. Other consoles can just use multiple discs. More content = More reason to buy. (At least that's the way I see it.)

So, to review, I want the fun factor back as well as 50GB worth of content ON THE DISC. No more paid dlc released later. I want it all for the $60 I spend up front. That's a lot of money as it is.

And bring back all the cool side missions, easter eggs, and over-the-top silly things that GTA used to have. I want to the RPG elements that were taken out back in GTA 5, like where you could have relationships, lift weights and it affected your stamina (running), etc. And a big mountain so I can jump off from it in a car like I used to in San Andreas.

Or better yet, just use San Andreas as the city again and update everything and add more features, missions, etc.

Pandamobile2480d ago

No game should use more than 20 GB of data unless it's got hours of pre-rendered cut-scenes.

kaveti66162480d ago

It's so easy to make baseless claims. GTA4 was a letdown for you, and even me. But how can anyone claim that it was a letdown for many? Many as in what? Most? Where did you get your facts? A poll on the internet?

SephirothX212480d ago

I agree because it was the best game I played this gen. That's because I just love sandbox games and GTA games.

smt302480d ago

I agree. GTA IV for me and most gamers was great, for a few - especially those who had IV as their first GTA probably aren't all that excited for V.

It'll still sell really well, but I doubt V still has that "OMGGRANDTHEFTAUTO" hype the same way San Andreas and IV had.

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Burning_Finger2480d ago

IDK, Saints Row III is right around the corner.

WetN00dle692480d ago

Yeah i cant wait for Saints Row the Third!
BUT come on, this is GTA. The name alone sells itself.

Micro_Sony2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )



Wash your car but watch out for the Italian mob

Walk your dog down the street but watch out for the Russian mob

Go pick your mail up but watch out for the Irish mob

Pick up you cousin and take him to the movies but watch out for the Asian mob

Dont forget your cell phone.

peowpeow2480d ago

I liked that it sort of resembled the old GTA fun-as-heck gameplay, but atm I can't get excited for it, feel they are trying too hard for over the top gameplay

Dan502480d ago

SR3 is going to be a BLAST!!!!!

ChiVoLok02480d ago

Like to see it go head to head with Modern Warfare 4 just to see how bad GTA 5 wins

ikkokucrisis2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

GTA Series has to step up their game, after playing other open sandbox games like Infamous and Just Cause 2, having just another theme (Miami, San Andreas, etc) for their series is not gonna cut it.

They have to get their frames rate higher and their combat engine more robust (for the love of god, no auto-aim please).

EmperorDalek2480d ago

You can turn auto-aim off.

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