Nomura talks about a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection

In the PS2 era, the Kingdom Hearts franchise was one of the biggest and most popular series. In the last six years we however only got handheld games of Kingdom Hearts. Many people would are already waiting quite some time for a real KH console game. Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a long time before Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced and released, although there might be a chance for another KH game for the PS3 and 360.

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Kingsora2479d ago

If he doesn't announce a HD collection next year or a console game of Kingdom Hearts, i'll go crazy

disturbing_flame2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I would prefer a new episode.
If i had the choice, i 'd choose a new Kingdom Hearts over a FFXIII-2 episode.

I think also Nomura should stop bullsh*tting everyone and say to people what happened to FFXIII Versus.

Kingsora2479d ago

I do to, but considering the main KH team is still working on FF Versus XIII, the chances of getting a new KH game for consoles is quite small.

That's why I would already be very happy with a HD collection. That's easy to develop and can be given to an other studio than the team that developped KH games for consoles.

disturbing_flame2479d ago

I understand you even if sometimes i feel like sad that today studios tends to offer us only HD remakes.

It's great for someone that hadn't played a game on the previous generations but it's an easy way to make money.

The hard way would have been to do remakes (i mean real remakes), it's maybe restrictive in terms of narration to re-create a world and replace same dialogues in it, but it's more creative than just make a HD lifting to a game of the previous gen.

Inception2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

For versus, it's looks like nomura got his hand forced by wada for making it multiplat but wada command him not to speak in the public. Why? we knew that SE just had loss big chunk of money because FF XIV, cancel some projects, and closed SE LA. And the way they will got back those money are making more multiplats. But in the meantime they don't want to offend Sony / PS3 fans.

The_Devil_Hunter2479d ago

Better an HD collection than no HD collection.
Its just so tedious how the Japanese take so long to complete a game

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2479d ago

Make it happen Nomura! Besides Jak this is really the only hd collection left that I want. Oh and make it the Final Mix versions please :)

Quagmire2478d ago

I thought Final Mix was only released in Japan?

MakiManPR2478d ago

Thats why. Instead of giving us the normal they can give us the Final Mix version of both games. And by doing that they will make those who wanted to play them but couldnt cuz they were only released in Japan happy.

supersonicjerry2479d ago

I would love for them to make this I would buy it; I also would like for them to make a new one for the ps3 that's not KH3. One more thing I hope none of it gets released to the 360 it needs to stay Playstation only.

Kingsora2479d ago

Who cares, the more people can enjoy the franchise, more people will buy games of the KH franchise. Which will hopefully result in more KH games for consoles.

WhiteLightning2479d ago

PS2, GBA, Mobile, DS, PSP and a 3DS title

I think enough people have enjoyed the franchise and that still hasn't made them make KH3.

Don't get me wrong people should be allowed to enjoy games but KH should be left as a PS title. I don't want to learn theres cut content being sold as DLC after it comes out.

Not every game needs to be MP

Zynga2479d ago


"Don't get me wrong people should be allowed to enjoy games but KH should be left as a PS title. I don't want to learn theres cut content being sold as DLC after it comes out."

How about no and stop being such a fanboy, why don't we just let others who haven't tried the game yet enjoy it as much as you want. And the DLC thing is getting old now >_> because many developers are doing the same thing, so you might as well get use to it.

smashman982479d ago

if kingdom hearts 3d can look as good as it does on the 3ds then i dont see why it would looks or play worse on the much more powerfull 360 as long as they make the games an equal experience it shouldn't be a problem

Zynga2479d ago

Fanboy much! I want this to happen so badly but don't limit others from enjoying an amazing franchise.

MrSpace2479d ago Show
Zynga2479d ago


Apparently you got issues and don't care about others opinion but urself.

"Kingdom Hearts wouldn't even go well with 360 owners since there so fixed on FPS."

Oh really then why is the metal gear solid collection coming to the 360 also. Obviously your a fanboy who's scared that an amazing franchise will go multiplatform and don't want others to enjoy it, like they have with Mass Effect 2 on the PS3.

WhiteLightning2479d ago

Well said MrSpace

The difference with MGS is that Metal Gear Solid rising is also coming to the 360 AS WELL as the PS3.

KH is different, as he said above if people want to enjoy it they will buy a PS3. It's not like retailers are going to refure to sell 360 fans a PS3 and KH3 when it comes out. I wanted Halo when it first came out...I bought a Xbox, problem solved.

smashman982479d ago

Not everone has money to burn some people have bills to pay, mouths to feed and other things more important than games if they could do the game multiplat then why the hell shouldnt they kingdom hearts did not max out the ps2 in any which way what so ever it was a great game with good graphics

either way i dont care it just saddens me to see people saying things like oh dont let it go on this system blah blah

the more systems it goes on, the more it sells, the more people enjoy it, and so on and so forth in the end the companies make more money, and are able to pump out more games, the devs keep their jobs and get something new under their resume'. I mean no one loses

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