The Closing of EA Chicago: One Employee Speaks Out

Earlier this week, Electronic Arts announced the closing of their EA Chicago studio.

On Tuesday, a former EA Chicago employee who wished to be kept anonymous contacted 1UP about the closing and explain his heartbreak. "I just got home from being laid off. It was a heart breaking day at the studio today, as this news came out of left field entirely," they said. "I've read a lot of the comments made on many sites about the closure by ignorant people spouting happiness that an EA studio had closed and that it's just business and all that. It's really very difficult to read so of those comments because I knew everyone at the studio and how dedicated to their craft that they were."

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highps34050d ago

Like it wasnt hard for Ps3 fans when EA devs spoke out... When they created horrible games for the Ps3.

You got what you deserved. Whats goes around comes around! Hows it feel? Go flip burgers, glad their is 1 less EA programmer making games.

JasonXE4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

how is that equivalent to someone thats at another division talking bad about a console in a stupid console war? Now he/she has a family to possibly think of and finding a new job. Job>fanboy

supaflypriest14049d ago

how old are you? Hopefully you never have to experience being laid off...

shodown194050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

That's unfortunate for the employees at EA Chicago and even more unfortunate for the gamers. If I'm not mistaken, EA Chicago was responsible for the SOLE QUALITY EA SPORTS PRODUCT Fight Night Round 3. If you can remember, the PS3 version ran at a smoother frame rate with noticable graphical enhancements. Not to mention that the Next Gen Def Jam game also ran exactly the same on PS3 as it did 360.

It looked as if EA Chicago was pretty solid in utilizing PS3 hardware.

I was anticipating a FN round 4 but I guess it's never going to happen.

Ps3Fanboy7774050d ago

Ummm No. Far from it. They couldnt even manage to draw the ropes to the ring correctly.. Nor make crowds look remotely like people.

FN was their best title and that just shows how crappy EA really is.

rofldings4050d ago

sh1tsux, go work at infinity ward.

sovietsoldier4050d ago

ya they got a posting up for jobs on the in game board for cod4!

BISHOP-BRASIL4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Sorry, EA make crappy games, bad for they, good for us.

These guys fuk(ed up Def Jam from AKI and FNR3 wasn't that better than FNR2...

edit: just remembering, FN isn't going anywhere, it will be under EA Vancouver (Black Box?) and just the 3rd game, as far as I know, was specifically from this Chicago studio...

Danja4050d ago

the last Def Jam game was CRAP...FNR3..was just okay...oh well IW is hiring..!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.