Uncharted: Demo Gameplay

A video of the Uncharted Demo from Gametrailers.

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PS3 Limps on and on4055d ago

After playing the demo, I haven't been this hyped for any other PS3 game yet.

I'm way more hyped about this game than I was for Ratchet & Clank, Heavenly Sword, or Ninja Gaiden Sigma after the demo's.

Some people will say I'm just saying that because those other games are already in the past. But I'm being honest, this game was a step ahead of all those.

Ratchet & Clank was also great but that was a more kid friendly platformer. This is a much more mature themed game.

doomsonyman4055d ago

god lightning i just hate you so much why do you even come to this site anymore if your gonna just hate on ps3 now, everybody hates you 360 fans sony fans the whole nine yards,. even people who own both hate you. you look rediculous complimenting a ps3 game combined with what your profile says just do everyone a favor and climb to the top of a tall buliding and jump

Gamespot-equals-EGM4054d ago

BTW @ash_divine, nice news post. Thanks for embedding the videos (not every article about videos embeds videos; more of them should).

ash_divine4054d ago

Thanks dude, I admit that I messed up when I tried to make it three different articles, but I got the hang of posting news correctly last night.

Ahhhh4055d ago

wow, looks good, looks like they took some ideas from Gears in the covering system.

esreveR4055d ago

It seems alright. The gunfights look really repetetive though, and the guys look really silly when they get shot. The melee fighting looks buggy. Is it just me or does everything look like it's made out of plastic? The plants look like that green plastic that army men toys are made of. I just expected more I guess. The balancing on a log thing looks pretty cool with the 6 axis, and it seems like the controls are tight, add in a pretty good looking story concept (even though I'm reminded of Far Cry a little too much) and you have a game to look forward to sort of.

quiddd4054d ago


hence the word demo

Double-Edged4054d ago

demo is correct.
not a beta.

so expect the same from the retail version

gamesblow4054d ago

Ever play Gears of war? That's all yu did... was it repetitive? Stranglehold anyone? Please, Uncharted is more than shooting.. It's an experience, folks. Simply put.

Double-Edged4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Gears of War?
you mean te crazy tactical multiplayer game?
yeah I've played it. And still playing it because it's longevity.

Drake??? you mean copy of Gears but scratch out multiplayer and add in tombraider??

yeah... I think that's what you mean .


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Guitarded4054d ago

Why do they hype every decent game as if they are getting a share of the profits from its sale. This game looks great but not revolutionary like many are saying. It'll be a good rental after PS3 drops to $200.

Double-Edged4054d ago

the reviews for this game.
from unbiased websites that is....
i'm only gonna look at IGN review specifically for this game.

shadowxcore4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

sry..this wasnt supposed to be a reply to you Double. :D

looks like they took alot from gears of war..
cover system, weapon selection, not to mention the uncanny gears of war style gameplay. even the interface looks like gears.

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