G*: Microsoft: Xbox 360 Sales, Though Low, Dwarfing PS3 Sales in Korea?

During an interview at the Gstar international game expo in Seoul, Microsoft Korea spoke with Gamasutra about relative next-gen marketshare in the local sphere.

When pressed about the Xbox 360's total units sold in South Korea, Dae Hwan Lim, marketing coordinator for Microsoft Korea's entertainment & device division (which includes the Xbox 360), conceded that "I can't say myself, but some reports here said about 100,000."

Squeezed for further details, the marketer remarked that the "Xbox 360 is doing much, much better (than the PS3). There's a huge gap in market sales. I can't mention other company's numbers directly, but it's multiples larger."

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PS3 Limps on and on4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

such a small market really.

TheMART4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

You're so, so wrong there...

Korea (like India) is a large potential market. Like really interesting. People are overal very high educated, they make good money nowadays, much work is being transported to Korea, India etc(no production work, but besides call centers also much jobs for high educated).

Those people are going to spend their money... So its important to be there in the front line!

PS3 Limps on and on4051d ago

If it was up to me, PS3 could win every region. But that's not happening. Far from it.

Panthers4051d ago

Korea could be a huge market, but they are all Starcraft PC gamers. Doubt any console will be huge there.

Antiomo4051d ago

But Korea is home for PC gaming, they are also known for one of the best Internet infrastructures.

poopface14051d ago

microsoft or sony getting starcraft 2 on their consoles could really help them there. Im pretty sure they are talking about south korea and not north korea tho.

godofthunder104051d ago

here we go again,the sony fanboys all ways says that the 360 is dead when the ps3 is out selling the 360 some where but even when an article comes out like this one saying that the 360 has a large lead over the ps3 in South Korea they say that it's wrong or the ps3 only been at a year(the ps3 been 2 years not 1 like they claim)and it will take the lead,well it has been 2 years and the ps3 is still behind by millions of consoles and it just can't seem to catch up but the sony fanboys keep saying next year,or wait till this game come out like they did with lair but it still in 3rd place,but they always say the same thing when they say next year the ps3 will take the lead and it fails then they say wait till next year,well if we keep waiting by the time the ps3 takes the lead it will be time to come out with the ps4.
i've been reading where sony fanboys been saying that they will never have a ff on the 360 well they are wrong because i was reading an article and they said that they are working on a ff game that will be exclusive to the 360.if the ps3 don't out sell the 360 for christmas(they want) then companies that wll release mgs4 and the ff for the the ps3 now will have to make a big decision,do they just keep the games on the ps3 and loose millions or do they port it over to the 360,what do you think they would do,hell what will you do if that was your company,loose money or put it on the 360 and make money,it shouldn't be a hard choice.
this is why i think this christmas is do or die for sony because the game companies want keep making games exclusive for sony because of the cost of making next gen games,the 360 accounts for 50% of software sales right now,so if the ps3 don't out sale the 360 for christmas then it will just get bigger and game companies will have no choice but to port all the exclusives games they have on the ps3 to the 360 just to make money,now if the ps3 out sale the 360 by a lot not a little then it will be different but like i said if they don't then sony is heading for harder times instead of better because as of right now the 360 is selling more software then all the other consoles combined and if you are a game company,what system would you want your game on,the answer is the 360 because if you say the ps3 you are just bias because companies want to make money not loose and the more games you sell the bigger the profits and that's fact not some fanboys trash talk.

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Odion4051d ago

Korea is a PC world trying to win there is like trying to win the lottery, SC is king

ParaDise_LosT4051d ago

the 'Vii' is dwarfing both of them right now

MrSwede4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Good point, seriously. Gaining grounds in Korea, India, south America and such is done by selling cheap stuff. MS would have been better off still producing the old Xbox when trying to win those countries.

Enigma_20994051d ago

Yeah, the Wii is whooping us all, but we're beating Sony, so we're still winning the war.

.... ooookay.

Darkiewonder4051d ago

MMO ftw.

Anyways. Starcraft II mmmmm

Danja4051d ago

WOW he works for M$..did you expect him to say the PS3 is gaining on us...come one now ppl..hmmm...he couldn't state figures would show that the 360 isn't that much ahead in over long has the PS3 been on the market in Korea...compared to the 360..??

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