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Mass Effect 2 voice actor Francesco Quinn dies at age 48

Actor Francesco Quinn sadly passed away on Friday, August 5th while jogging with his young son in Malibu at the young age of 48.

Quinn did voicework for videogames, including General Vega in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Quantum of Solace, and is listed as voicing "Additional Roles" in Mass Effect 2. (Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Culture, Francesco Quinn, James Bond : Quantum of Solace, Mass Effect 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Flashwave_UK  +   1141d ago
KING_KAI   1141d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
showtimefolks  +   1141d ago
white with his son
RIP that just shows you we never know when its our time so live your life the right way and hope for the best
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1141d ago
That's just 10 years older than I am! Holy crap! Well, everyone needs to make changes at some point in their life and this is one reason I quit smoking, gave up soda and rarely do fast food. Not saying he wasn't taking care of himself but it really makes you think about your own mortality.

Getting old sucks. I feel so bad for his son and family. I lost my pop when I was a lad and I still think about him a lot.

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FanboyPunisher  +   1140d ago

I was just watching Platoon off Mpix cant help but feel responsible. Shit was a good movie man!
guitarded77  +   1141d ago
Way too young... sad.
Shepherd 214  +   1141d ago
Holy shit, he was the soldier with the barbed wire staff in the film "Platoon" !

Great actor, horrible loss.
BinaryMind  +   1140d ago
RIP... I remember him as a terrorist in season 2 of 24. A tragic loss.
J5Feedback  +   1140d ago
RIP. Always a bummer when someone in the industry leaves us. That's way too young for anyone....

Condolences to his family. I hope his son knows his father was in some great video games.
Sieg  +   1141d ago
VictoriousB13  +   1141d ago
snake_eater  +   1141d ago
May you R.I.P
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gaden_malak  +   1141d ago
What kind of douchebag disagrees with these kind of comments?
death2smoochie  +   1141d ago
This is N4G.COM...
It's littered with 12 year olds
Horny  +   1141d ago
Thats sad that he died at such a young age. My condolences to his family. Sucks that his little boy has to grow up without his father. RIP
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RedDead  +   1141d ago
Yeah jesus and his son watched him die...wonder what happened

KING_KAI  +   1141d ago
BrianC6234  +   1141d ago
King_Kai - I think you misunderstood what he said. At first I thought he said Jeses and his son watched him die but he actually said Jesus. And his son watched him die. Nothing about religion really.
seinfan  +   1141d ago
You're delusional if you think religion is the only thing that incites war. Consider politics, food and water, natural resources, over-population. People are going to be willing to kill to keep these things in their favor in order to survive.
KING_KAI  +   1141d ago
i understand exactly what you said and maybe i jumped the gun a bit. but religion is a big factor. so much hate in the world.

p.s. the yobos in my country need to be burning down parliament and not peoples livelyhoods.
Incipio  +   1141d ago
Religion has absolutely nothing to do with this man's unfortunate death or with his comment. Also, "Jesus and his son" doesn't even make sense. Thirdly, just admit you were way off in your all-too-quick interpretation of his comment. He meant to say "Jesus..." as an exclamation of shock.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1141d ago

If my calculations are correct, over 2 million people died under Stalin and he was an atheist. It's not religion, it's man. We are a fucked up species.
consolez_FTW  +   1140d ago
He was just wishing him good wishes Kai..no need to be a douche about it.
Rrobba  +   1141d ago
RIP, and thank you for your service.
NYC_Gamer  +   1141d ago
This really sucks,r.i.p.
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initial_kay   1141d ago | Bad language | show
Lifewish  +   1141d ago
Very sad news and especially sad to hear that his son had to witness that. I hope nothing but the best for his family.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1141d ago

There are clearly some pretty disgusting people on the internet considering the disagrees
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Squatch83  +   1141d ago
Wow. so many young ppl dying recently. Not good.
DarkBlood  +   1141d ago
your right its not good but its gotta be better then witnessing the entire planet crumble scenario before u die

xtremegamerage  +   1141d ago
Dlacy13g  +   1141d ago
Sad to hear, even harder to hear it was in front of his son. That kind of situation has to be so tough to move on from. I hope when my time comes it will be peaceful and very much down the road.

R.I.P. Mr. Quinn
Saryk  +   1141d ago
Damn he not much older than me. That sucks!
Michael-Jackson   1141d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
omi25p  +   1141d ago
Its sad that he doesnt even have the roles he played in ME2 listed. Really sad R.I.P
ilikegam3s  +   1141d ago

J@D  +   1141d ago
R.I.P. :(
Der_Kommandant  +   1141d ago
How can anyone disagree with all those comments?
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   1141d ago

Another life gone so soon. :(
MsclMexican  +   1141d ago
Oh man thats terrible. I feel awful for his son, to witness his father die while they were doing something together. Even though I'm not familiar with his work in voice acting may he rest in peace
Bzone24  +   1141d ago
Loved him in Platoon.

RIP :(
bangoskank  +   1141d ago
Yeah, was going to post that as well. He was badass in Platoon. It really sucks that he died so young. His dad lived to a very ripe age. I wonder what exactly caused Francesco's death. Crazy how you never know when you're number is up. I need to quite smoking for good.
sak500  +   1141d ago
Yes and he was jogging also which means he was health consious unlike many of gamers like us. Man i should get back on the workout thing as i've been lazy for past one year and im' approaching the danger zone of age
bangoskank  +   1141d ago
I'm actually in excellent shape. I exercise 5-6 days a week and eat healthy but my one vice is a couple of cigarettes while I'm drinking. Even a few cigs a week is unacceptable. That sh!t just doesn't belong in your body. As much as I know this I can't beat the habit. Hearing about others dying so young is a wake up call though.
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Elwenil  +   1141d ago
Yeah, his was one of my favorite characters in Platoon.


ElementX  +   1141d ago
That's why exercising can be bad for you. Some people aren't in the right shape to go running or do strenuous exercising. It's a shame that people have to die when they are trying to improve their lives. Exercise can be good for certain people, but other people who have hereditary conditions can be seriously harmed by excessive exercise. It's best to consult a doctor before any exercise regimen. I'm not saying Mr. Quinn had hereditary conditions, however it's always best to see a doctor before you start working out. Maybe his death could have been avoided if precautions were taken. Some people push themselves too far when they start out because they want to lose weight quickly. It's always best to start SLOWLY and work your way up. It's very sad that this person had to die.
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sak500  +   1141d ago
@element i dont think we can judge by the fact that he died while jogging, means excercise is bad for us. We dont know the circumstances of what caused his death but we do know from the study that running is pretty good cardio excercise and can improve ones health not the otehr way round.

I was regular gym guy for many years and never went to doc in years. Of late had stopped most forms of cardio and only do pushups/crunches at home when i'm not lazy and i can feel that i get more sick. Earlier times i could game on for 8 hours straight and now few hours and i'm tired / hurting etc. It's all about conditioning.
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Pebz  +   1140d ago
Jogging, like most exercise, can be quite dangerous if done wrong. Big emphasis on "if done wrong".
Dogswithguns  +   1141d ago
Still so young... RIP.
Sugreev2001  +   1141d ago
sonicsidewinder  +   1141d ago
Damn i remember him in Tib Sun.

xSnEaKy-Gx  +   1141d ago
Great actor. I mainly remember him on 24. RIP.
NiteX   1141d ago | Offensive
Getowned  +   1141d ago
this happens every day and people die every day no matter there age my father died at the same age 2 years ago and i was with him so i know it's hard you only see it on the news for actors or popular/important people but i feel sorry for his family there in for some hard times,god bless him and his family RIP.
bangoskank  +   1141d ago
It's terrible when anybody that young passes. My belated condolences to you and yours. I'm sure it's been incredibly difficult to deal with. Hope you're hanging in there.
Merivigian  +   1141d ago
It is true that everybody dies and it happens every second we sit here, and it is sad that not everybody is acknoledged, but when it happens not everybody can say RIP to every single person who passes away. Although sad, it would be down right impossible =\
Merivigian  +   1141d ago
Some of you may say "You didn't even know him!" But it doesn't matter, a death is a death and no matter whose it is, they are all sad. Especially for a younger individual. So, in true video game style, "Requiescat In Pace!" [Pronounced: Re-qui-scott En Pache]
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