Fruit Ninja Kinect Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "If you've got one of Microsoft's motion sensing peripherals, you should own this game and Dance Central and then wait for something else to arrive on the scene."

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doctorstrange1877d ago

The iPhone version, and I can see how it could work on Kinect. I would pick this up for $3, not $10 though.

BigWoopMagazine1877d ago

This just sounds like a major waste of time to me... but... uhhh... ok.

T3mpr1x1877d ago

This is still the only Kinect game I've ever played, and it was amusing.

TryingToHabeeb1877d ago

You've got to try Dance Central. Definitely the best Kinect game out.

insertcoin1877d ago

Ninja does not hate fruit. Ninja just love epic fruit salad.

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