OXM UK: Top three Halo moments

OXM UK's Mike, Matt and Ed reflect on their favourite moments from the Halo franchise.

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dirigiblebill2476d ago

It sounds stupid, but my most memorable moment is just the title screen in Halo 1. When that music kicks in, and you see the ring spin slowly past the view... goosebumpsville.

newleaf2476d ago

Love this series. Sometimes I love it that much more because of the hate it recieves...sort of like xbox live

manumit2476d ago

Mine was in Halo CE when you pick up that dead guys data card from his helmet and you see his encounter with the flood. And im hanging to experiance that moment again on the remake.

m232476d ago

A lot of epic moments for me. One of which was the discovery of the flood in Halo:CE as well as the last part in the same game. Another epic moment was in Halo 3, where a scarab drops onto the level, and i'm like "oh shit" and then 5 seconds later, another scarab drops down right beside it. Aside from that, the sandbox design of Halo has provided many events that you would never expect to happen.

kaveti66162476d ago

Halo 2 Quarantine levels.

Arbiter gets dropped off at the Quaratine Zone by Tartarus. Though I played the campaign 5 times, every time I got to that level I was afraid to go any further because the atmosphere and music were so foreboding and terrifying. Seeing the green fog in the rooms in front of me made me terrified to enter. And the sounds of the Flood made it even worse. That was the most epic moment for me because I liked how in the middle of what was supposed to be an action adventure shooter, there were horror levels.