Tecmo Koei Europe Offer Statement Regarding London Riot Tweets

Earlier today, Electronic Theatre ran a short article regarding a tweet from the official Tecmo Koei Europe Twitter account which some members of our community thought was in bad taste. Electronic Theatre has since been discussing the situation with the team at the publisher, clarifying that no bad intentions were behind the comments made last night.

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zerocrossing2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

For crying out loud people! Everyone says stuff all the time that's completely innocent, Yet some idiots out there have to take offence to everything.

Too who ever said what was said at Tecmo Koei Europe, Sorry that there are so many stupid people out there that opening your mouth means you are constantly under scrutiny. Im sure you saying anything in regards to the rioting in London is really going to change its outcome for better or worse.

Stupid is as stupid does, and the rioters in London are a prime example.

rmedtx8882320d ago

I totally agree with you zerocrossing!

zerocrossing2320d ago

Thanks! =) some people are just looking for an argument

hazelamy2320d ago

it doesn't sound like there was any ill intent behind the tweet.
it may have been a bit tactless but hardly malicious.