Assassin's Creed: Video exclusive

If the prospect of exploring some massive environments coupled with some extremely cool fighting moves, or indeed Games Radar's glowing review, hasn't already convinced you that Assassin's Creed is well worth your money then maybe the video below will.

This footage is taken from the Xbox 360 version and features Altair fighting swordsmen, clambering up tall towers and effortlessly gilding across rooftops.

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ATLRoAcH3608d ago

I can't wait to get this game.Come next week I'm going to drive like a 100mph to Gamestop and whip in the lot like wheres my game b***h.

Danja3608d ago

I second yah on that except I won't be going to gamespot..I went there to get COD4 and the dude is gonna tell get it for the 360..cuz it looks better...i'll go to Best Buy this time around..!!

ATLRoAcH3608d ago

I pre-ordered the limited edition from Gamestop like 3 months ago so I gotta go there now.But Gamestop is full of a bunch of PS3 haters for sure.We need to give that guy you mentioned a good ole fashioned beat

ATLRoAcH3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

You should grow up along with a lot of other people on here.But since we're comparing.

green_ghost53608d ago

It looks like, your the one who needs to grow up! Drake has nothing to do with COD4. If you wanna throw the best looking game the PS3 has, then I'll throw in the best looking Xbox 360 game, which looks better than Drakes, Mass Effect!

ATLRoAcH3608d ago

I'm just saying that its not like the PS3 can't do textures,I mean look at that rock.But even though I'm a PS3 guy I will say Mass Effect looks pretty good.

Kaneda3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Mass Effect looks better than Drake? Oh please... You need to get glasses...

Lets get back to AC...

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Beren3608d ago

I have the LE preordered and i can't wait =:3.

ParaDise_LosT3608d ago

Anywho...This game looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!
dif 1day purchase

ThaGeNeCySt3608d ago


hopefully my "store" breaks the street date

BSigel813608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

In my area the gamestop I go to there is only 2 xbox360 fanboys, 2 unbiased salesmen, and 3 ps3 fanboys. The thing is 2 of the ps3 fanboys and the 2 unbiased salesmen are working there almost all the time. So, I pretty much do not get pressured except when those 2 xbox360 fanboys are there like once a week. But, to shorten it up I got the LE on pre-order as well.

Daytona3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

What the hell is that supposed to mean. ok ok I see, well let me say "I like Pancakes".

I've said enough, I'll say no more.

p.s. Assasins Creed will be an incredible sandbox game. I'm looking to upgrade my sound system, games are getting so realistic today:)

BTW, did I say yet that I like Pancakes?:)

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The story is too old to be commented.