New walkthrough of Bodycount shows Psychos in action

Playr has released part 2 of its 6-part video walkthrough of Bodycount. The game's tank style enemies known as 'Psychos' are encountered during this playthrough of the game's first level set in Africa..

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Hellsvacancy2539d ago

it looks alright, more of a rental though, im plannin on buyin too many games

Inside_out2539d ago

Madman Stuart Black on the loose again...just Wow. I do have some concerns about the whole cover mechanic as he has attempted to add some touch mechanic to the controls in his never ever ending quest to really make it feel like you are holding a gun.

The whole eighties enemies falling backwards of of roofs or swan diving every time you kill them is great and another staple of Stuart Black. FPS Black had all those things including shooting holes through walls to walk through them...can wait to play this.

Here's Stuart Black PROPERLY explaining the game...