Odashima: Kilik Is An “Ill-Fated Character”

Kilik has been a returning character to the Soul Calibur franchise since the first game but as Project Soul team moves the series forward will Kilik be another fighter that gets the axe?

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zerocrossing2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Kilik is a pretty popular character so, Id imagine many people want him back, A character with a similar fighting style would be nice but personally I want to see some more new weapons being wielded by new characters.

Viper72447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

From the times I played online, it was really rare to see a good Kilik player.

Most of them where just repeating like 3 of his most exploitable/cheapest moves making the fights against him more of a sidestepping and blocking challenge rather than a fight.

Not that he was the only character to do this, Cervantes had few pretty annoying ones as well.

So I am somewhat relieved to hear this, but just slight adjustments to the moves and strength would have been enough.

J86blum2447d ago

I always liked using him, and enjoyed his story as well, don't kill him if anything make his story canon and he absorbes the soul edge and turns evil.

VsAssassin2447d ago

Don't you guys think that they should've changed the name from Soul Calibur to Soul (insert second word here)? Pretty much like the change from Soul Edge to Soul Calibur, it would have been better if they did this if they want to remove and replace most of the characters. Just a thought.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2447d ago

What would it be though. Soul Sword sounds stupid. Soul Blade is taken. Besides they really cant change the name unless a new sword other than the soul edge and soul calibur makes an appearance.

Edito2447d ago

They better let killik in the game, i've been giving this game a chance since SC3 cause for me the best was 2 if they kick killik out of the game ill just stop playing it...