Avault: Hard Reset PC preview

Last week was one of those weeks. Avault's Alaric Teplitsky found himself nearly overwhelmed by a slew of personal and work-related projects. Then he heard about an opportunity to get a hands-on look at Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming cyberpunk shoot-em-up Hard Reset. Projects got put on hold as he made sure to allot a suitable chunk of time for it. Ever since a single screenshot appeared on the Internet earlier this year, he's been eager to take a closer look at this baby, because it seemed pretty damn enticing. Then there was talk about it being an old-school FPS (Doom-like as opposed to Halo-like) and that increased his interest tenfold. Finally, when he learned it was a PC-exclusive aimed at capitalizing on his favorite platform’s strengths, he was all but sold on it.

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joab7772358d ago

Yeah!!! Another awesome game to play. Ill try and fit it in between 15 others that haven't come out and 10 I'm not done with. I think my days of trophies/achievemnets r over...problem is that i don't know how else to play anymore.